Konga excites e-Commerce market with battle of top brands

Konga excites e-Commerce market with battle of top brands

Mouth-watering deals, unmatched discounts, daily Flash Sales, Treasure Hunts, free shipping and exclusive app-only deals are among the many exciting offers lined up for customers of Konga; Nigeria’s leading composite e-Commerce giant, as it brings together the biggest global brands in the market on its platform for a much-anticipated campaign.



Known as Battle of the Brands, the campaign kicks off on Friday, March 26 and will run till Wednesday, March 31.



Battle of the Brands is exclusive to Konga. The campaign will see shoppers treated to the biggest offers/ deals from an array of top brands dominating segments like Computing; Mobile Phones, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Fashion, Beverages, Wine & Spirits and much more. The week-long fiesta will see Konga feature star brands from various categories on a daily basis; with the best offers and deals from each brand highlighted for the benefit of potential shoppers.



Accordingly, the campaign will offer each brand a unique opportunity to take advantage of the heightened interest from eager shoppers; in addition to the massive traffic expected at Konga to put their best foot forward; showcase new offers, expose their biggest deals, roll out or launch new products; while extending the best discounts on existing products.



Kenny Oriola, VP, Konga Online, says it’s a time for the best brands to stand up and be counted.


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Konga excites e-Commerce market with battle of top brands



‘‘Battle of the Brands is a time to decide who the best brands offering the biggest deals in the market are. Our customers have long waited for this campaign. Many of them have expressed huge anticipation to see what each brand has to offer. As a top brand, you certainly do not want to disappoint your loyal customers.



‘‘This is the time to show off the biggest deals and best offers. That is what shoppers are looking forward to. As a globally-renowned brand, you deserve to be seen on Battle of the Brands. We expect to see shoppers treated to a number of exclusive offers; mouth-watering deals, huge price slashes or even new products from the brands we have lined up for this campaign. Therefore, we are putting all our assets at the disposal of these brands in order to ensure that potential shoppers are satisfied,’’ he stated.



Meanwhile, the Konga website is expected to wear a new look as the countdown to the campaign draws nearer.


Battle of the Brands will run from Friday, March 26 and end on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

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