Mercy Johnson: Lady apologizes after blasting her, “I was misinformed, I didn’t know what transpired before I got there”

Mercy Johnson: Lady apologizes after blasting her, “I was misinformed, I didn’t know what transpired before I got there”

An Instagram user, identified as @thenancychidera, has openly apologised to Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie; for accusing the latter of hiring thugs to deal with her daughter’s teacher.

In a recent Instagram video, the lady apologised to the actress; stating that she was informed about the matter at hand.

She said, “The events of the past few hours have been very traumatizing for me; and I just came on here to apologise to Mrs Mercy Johnson Okojie. I was mis-informed and I didn’t have first-hand information over everything.

“I believe what I saw over what may have transpired before I got there. So I based my judgement on that. I’m very sorry for whatever issues I may have caused her family; and whatever trauma I may have caused them through at the end of today; I really hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me.”

The actress earlier on Friday revealed that a certain teacher in her daughter’s school was bullying her just because her mother was a celebrity.

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“A teacher at my child’s school has been bullying my daughter constantly for two whole weeks. She tells her to her face that she doesn’t like her mother, tells her that celebrity kids are badly behaved,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

However, @thenancychidera claimed to be an eyewitness of Thursday’s incident, accused Mercy Johnson of harassing the school’s Head Teacher with thugs after her daughter was corrected for fighting another child during school hours.

In response to the allegations, the actress went live on Instagram while on a visit to the school. In the live video, Mercy speaking with the Headteacher asked if they met on Thursday. The Headteacher replied in the negative.

In the recent video, the lady who falsely accused the actress of hiring thugs, took to her handle to apologise to Mercy for her earlier comment.

She also alleged that she has been receiving death threats since she made the accusation, and pleaded for the public to forgive her.

Watch the video below:

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