Lady runs mad after alighting from flashy car

Lady runs mad after alighting from flashy car


A yet-to-be-identified lady was seen displaying signs of insanity moments after she reportedly alighted from a flashy vehicle at Afiesere Junction Ughelli, Delta state.


According to the popular Nigerian online forum, Nairaland, it was alleged that the lady ran mad on Tuesday evening. Witnesses claim the driver of the flashy vehicle dropped her and zoomed off with immediate effect.


The lady has since been misbehaving after she was dropped. Most of the witnesses have opined that she has been used for some spiritual exercise, this, however, has not been confirmed.


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Watch as she displays signs of insanity below.



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Also, 1st News has garnered pictures from the scene.



A couple of weeks ago, 1st News reported that an unclad skinny lady was reportedly dumped by the roadside by a vehicle in Lekki, Lagos.


According to reports, the woman’s name has been given as Ene. She is reportedly HIV positive.



A self-acclaimed eyewitness identified as Wole Elekula took to the microblogging site Twitter to give an update pertaining to the incident.


Furthermore, he affirmed that she was found fully-clothed in a bush in Ajah by a man.


The man who found her brought her to the road where she became a spectacle. People gathered to gawk at her for a whole day. She reportedly took her clothes off the day after and stayed there until her story went viral and help came.


An update from those who took her off the road gave her name as Ene; and said she has been taken to LUTH were tests have been carried out on her.



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