Lady subtly steals her rocker’s wallet (Video)

Lady subtly steals her rocker’s wallet (Video)
A lady has subtly stolen a young man’s wallet during their moment of gyration in a night club on Friday, August 16.
The man was rocking the lady voraciously. Meanwhile, the nimble-fingered lady stylishly picked his pocket before she scrams from the scene.
The guy was robbed by a lady he met and rocked in a clubhouse.
While the guy was rocking the lady real hard, she put her hands into his back pocket. The lady brought out his wallet and took the money in it.
The guy was carried away with the fun that he didn’t notice the wallet had moved from his pocket.
She ran out immediately she took the money from him, and he suspected nothing.
Guys need to be careful with the kind of lady they meet in clubs.
This young man is apparently not fortunate from the look of things.
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