Lagos Agberos and non-viable states in Nigeria – Seye Olaniyonu

Lagos Agberos and non-viable states in Nigeria – Seye Olaniyonu

Little did we know that Lagos Agberos command better numbers than some high and mighty State Chief Executives.

No doubt, some news are comical in nature, others are tragic, while some combine both. Unfortunately, most news are tragicomedy in Nigeria.

But the latest on the revenue-generating phenomenon of Lagos Agberos is a tragicomedy type of news. We should laugh, but we should think. Imagine a loosely organized group raising more money than 35 Nigerian states.

Most states in Nigeria are economically not viable and the governors are doing next to nothing to increase capacity. Well, this is a stale gist, we all know.

The real tragedy is the fact that Lagos State is sitting on a goldmine.

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Lagos Agberos

However, the powers that be in the state are too scared to drive out the agberos and organize the sector properly. Certainly, very little gets to the government coffers from the billions generated annually.

There are over 20 million people in that city and there is a need for massive investment into the transportation sector, rail and water. Instead, we still have this crude system.

As long as Lagos Agbero are making billions and remitting some to local godfathers; we will not have a 21st-century transport system in that state. What is the point of collecting millions daily, with its impact on the cost of transportation, but we still have those stinking motor parks?

It will be fair to commend the state for certain efforts in the transport sector.

But it is obviously not enough. The state can do better, it has the capacity to be better.

Unfortunately, the powerful Agberos will not allow such.

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