Lagos girls with real bodies are becoming scarce – Nkem Ndem

Lagos girls with real bodies are becoming scarce – Nkem Ndem


I remember the first time I discovered the story of Modupe Ozuola, I was thrilled to know that plastic surgery was now an option for Nigerians and citizens (like me) could actually improve their physical appearance in the comfort of their own country.

At the time I was still in SS2 I think and I was mortified with the idea of having small boobs for the rest of my life.

My friends were all wearing bras and I wasn’t.

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I felt like an outcast and was determined to save enough money for body enhancement and bigger boobs.

Thank God I did not have the cash readily available at the time because going through university afterwards changed my mind and I learnt to love my body…or rather I realized there were more important things to fret about really and big boobs or small boobs, boobs are boobs.

Ok, let me not lie, my boobs stopped being too small and I kind of let go of that insecurity.



Insecurity can be a b*tch though.

Not a lot of people are lucky enough to drop the insecurities about their bodies that come with the teenage years. Some find that they grow up with the pressing need to still enhance their body to fit some far-fetched or impractical idea of what they think their body should look like.


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In Lagos for instance, it is getting hard to tell which girls still have their original body features as a number of women have opted for the body augmentation and enhancement path.

Quite hilariously, those who can’t afford the cost of augmentation make do with padded butts and bras, then waist trainers e.t.c. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who actually need the plastic surgery as they legitimately have body issues that need to be corrected for them to have a better quality of life.

Those are not the ones I am talking about.

Sure, it is easy to blame society for setting idealistic standards of beauty and subjecting women to a constant feeling of inadequacy, one which can be cured with the right beauty-enhancing products or a visit to a plastic surgeon who can fix the ‘problem.’

However, the real problem is that, it is becoming a fad. Everywhere you look in Lagos, there’s literally a fake version of anything.

The obsession with altering appearances has taken over and it seems like every other month, there’s a new procedure that’s become the newest trend or a new plastic surgeon that is “the best”.

Perhaps  Lagos gas a way of making people, especially women, feel like they’re not pretty enough, not curvy enough, and not perfect enough and the only answer is to change their appearance.


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It is sad how many Lagosians fall victim to these tactics because even after dozens of procedures, they’re still not happy with the way they look.

They don’t believe their hips are wide enough, their waist is small enough or their boobs are perky enough. Perhaps, in a case where affording proper surgery is impossible, some will have to resort for quick fixes or cheap alternatives including ill-fitted padded dresses.

I recently saw a video on social media advertising padded dresses by RaCogh and my initial reaction is that, it was a bit bizarre that a person would want to put on a dress that completed changed her body figure.

Unlike in the West where patients are increasingly wanting to maintain their general face structure, inherited family traits, and just generally wanting to look like themselves but with a few refined tweaks, Lagos girls are still wanting to look more like a supermodel that had nothing to do with their lives, perhaps a photoshopped version of a celebrity they admire.  A Kim Kardashsian, perhaps?


My gripe really is not even  on whether that work has been done well, rather its about whether it should have been done at all.

Basically, in Lagos we now have a new aesthetic of femininity where everything is meant to be as fake as possible.

The thing though is… when you tweak and tuck everything that you don’t like about yourself, you never learn how to love yourself or to accept your flaws.

That’ll hurt you in the long run.


Are these Lagos girls flaunting surgically-enhanced big boobs and butts thinking about their future at all?



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