Lagos Govt. to ban sale of plastic bottle drinks exposed to sunlight

Lagos Govt. to ban sale of plastic bottle drinks exposed to sunlight

Lagos State Government says plans are underway to ban the sale of plastic bottled drinks exposed to sunlight.



General Manager, Consumer Protection Agency, Mr. Afolabi Solebo, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday.



“Plastic bottled drinks exposed to continuous sunlight are dangerous to health and cancerous. Therefore, it will be part of our public enlightenment between now and the end of the year.



“So that by 2023, we will not only confiscate such drinks but we will prosecute people that are displaying those products under sunlight.





“We also want to have a stakeholders’ meeting with manufacturers of those bottled drinks; to get alternatives for dummy products for distributors to display.



“The essence of displaying those products in the sunlight; is to attract consumers to buy. So if you can put dummies in the sun; it has no effect since dummies look like the real thing,” Solebo said.



He said consumables that kill bit-by-bit should be avoided.

Solebo also urged consumers to always ensure they get value for their money on all products and services rendered to them.


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He said consumers had a right under the law to seek redress if they were not getting value and satisfaction for their money.



The general manager said consumers, much as they had rights under the law, should also know that they had responsibilities to choose, to look well at what they were buying, and obtain receipts for every product bought.



“So the consumers do have responsibilities much as they have a right to safety, to be informed, right to clarity and quality of products, the right to choose and the right to be heard.



“Also, they have the right to consumer education and especially the right to seek redress in court or in our office and when we cannot resolve the matter amicably, we resort to litigation.



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