Lagos Primary: 8 Reasons Why Ambode May Still Get Second Term Bid

Lagos Primary: 8 Reasons Why Ambode May Still Get Second Term Bid

The primary of the ruling All Progressive Party (APC) in Lagos State holds on Saturday in Local Governments across the city with Ambode hoping to get a second term ticket.

Recent events revealed the disharmony between the incumbent and his political godfather, Bola Tinubu, who wields huge power and enjoys widespread support in the grassroots. But as slim as his chances might be, we highlight eight reasons why Ambode may still win the party’s governorship ticket.

  1. APC’s Governors Support

The Lagos State Governor seems to enjoy the support of his fellow governors particularly from the southwest ergo if the governors can be a rallying force behind him, he may eventually end up winning the right for a second term.

  1. The Presidency Support

The APC won’t want the state to fall into the hands of the opposition especially with the 2019 elections drawing nigh. This may have informed the decision of the president to intervene in the issue by requesting APC stalwarts from the southwest such as the vice president, Yemi Osinbajo, to beg Tinubu.

The President also had a closed-door meeting with Ambode with whispers saying the outcome may eventually be to the embattled governor’s favour.

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  1. Construction Of Projects Across The Metropolis

The Ambode administration has undertaken a lot of capital projects since its inception despite a very slow start. Perhaps, this may weigh in his favour when the primaries come around.

  1. Tinubu’s Antipathy

There is a growing discontent amongst the citizens of Lagos about Tinubu’s restrictive influence on the state since the inception of our present democratic dispensation in 1999. It is believed that the APC leader is overestimating his importance to the political fortunes of flag bearers.

If such group of people with similar interests can band together, the influence of Tinubu may eventually diminish with Ambode coming out as the obvious winner.

  1. Alliance With The Opposition

With the governor falling out with his political godfather, it is only logical for him to ally with the opposition who may offer him a platform to run for the governorship ticket for a second term.

The rest of the outcome will be decided by Lagosians who already are tired of Tinubu’s overbearing influence.

  1. Tinubu’s Change Of Heart

Human nature is fickle and the APC stalwart may eventually soft-pedal after all entreaties by concerned parties about the political future of the governor. If this happens, expect an easy ride for the incumbent as he coasts to a second term.

  1. Ability To Spend

If as mentioned earlier, Ambode joins forces with the opposition; the combined financial might of all the parties involved may rival that of the ruling party which may eventually favour Ambode.

  1. The Unpredictability Of Human Nature

Since the APC is going to choose its flagbearer via the direct primary method, this makes it a very interesting play. This is due to the fact that all the party members would be involved rather than just a few select delegates who already know who they want to cast their votes for.

These game of numbers springs surprises when least expected which is why the incumbent still has a high probability of being the party’s candidate after Saturday’s primary.

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