Lagos: We are all lawmakers and the judiciary in this town – Ella Temisan

Lagos: We are all lawmakers and the judiciary in this town – Ella Temisan



Remember those young ladies that Davido was searching for in Lagos last week? And placed a huge bounty on for any information on their whereabouts?

He found them!

Unsurprising, of course, after the kind of publicity the issue received because of his status; and the kind of boss reaction he had to the incident. There was no way those girls wouldn’t have been located with 1 million Naira at stake.


First of all, the girls were supposedly remanded at a Police Station and then they got moved to Davido’s place. As per, his house is the headquarters of the State Criminal Division abi?



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The fact that the girls were in handcuffs and paraded like criminals without any form of a legal indictment is just additional proof that everybody in Lagos must be a brother or sister to Lady Justice (that blindfolded woman with the sword and scales).


The way we take the law into our hands in this Lagos state is something else. I used to think it was bad in my home state, Delta State; where its indigenes eat boldness for breakfast and drink waywardness for refreshment. But Lagos takes the cake more strongly.





Lagos: We are all lawmakers and the judiciary in this town - Ella Temisan



From the Keke rider to the lone pedestrian to the celebrity, everybody is the full justice system.



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Davido’s action is exemplary of what happens on the streets daily but without the same amplification and scale. My colleague was telling me of how she reported her landlord to the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LSBCA). Indeed, the landlord had started to illegally convert the three bedroom flats in his building to two apartments; one self-contained and one two-bedroom flat; only to have the man arrest her and other tenants for disturbing the peace of his construction site.


Not a word was heard about her report which was filed with the LSBCA. Instead, she had to spend money to sort her way out of police detention. It is amazing what confidence and clout can do for you in a place where the law is largely ignored.


We probably see no qualms in taking the law into our hands because that is just the way of things. It is like you can either be guarded enough to hold your side and be your own government. Or you can relocate because nothing will favour you (quitters can’t survive in Lagos).


In these rugged Lagos streets; nobody will check you if you decide to do the Lagos thing and take laws into your hand. If you want to do anyhow, you will not “see anyhow” as that old Gordons’ song suggests. In fact, you will see nothing. Nobody has your time o.



Lagos: We are all lawmakers and the judiciary in this town - Ella Temisan



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The rot at the bottom of the trunk has seeped into the branches. If former Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu can transform his Bourdillon residence to a Central Bank annexe; you too can be the president of your street and run it like the late Mugabe.


But does it pay anybody? I can’t say. The way I see it, we need to look out for ourselves in the absence of dominant and just authority. But does it pay us to do anyhow?

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