Lagos: What will we do without celebrities? – Ella Temisan

Lagos: What will we do without celebrities? – Ella Temisan

Hey folks, how is it going? Did you have a great time last weekend experiencing romance?  If you did, you must count yourself lucky. Some people in Lagos did not have that pleasure because they were arrested and locked up like animals when they chose to exercise a basic human right.



Still numb from the Lekki Massacre, I advised anybody that would listen not to go to protest at the Lekki Toll Gate; because the Government will use unnecessary force again. And I was right but thankfully, God sent a celebrity to make it better.



When those policemen were packing men and women up into trucks to transport them to unknown locations for further maltreatment; they definitely did not think that a coconut head celebrity would be there. But there he was, Mr Macaroni, riding with his comrades, the unknown saviour of the day. But for his presence and ill-treatment alongside all those people that day, what would have become of them? What story would be told today? I shudder to think of it.



Again, Mr Debo Macaroni saved the day in Lagos.


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Who would have taken the abduction and arrest of innocent civilians seriously if a notable face wasn’t among them? I wonder! The minute his arrest was captured on social media, it became a national issue and the calvary was galvanised immediately. It was great but it was one kain.


Lagos: What will we do without celebrities? - Ella Temisan




So, unless you’re popular or a celebrity, anything that happens to you is for your pocket only?



This is why when certain celebrities start to act self-righteous or with plenty of self-importance, I can’t blame them. Society does give priority to these popular faces with great feeling. Yet, it is this favoured treatment of the bunch that allows them to highlight certain issues with ease; as well as with greater effect than a regular person would have.



The question is if they use their platform to do enough. This is a question I can’t attempt to answer because to each mallam his kettle.



Yes, I would like for our celebrities to be more vocal about societal issues. If you’re a known face or voice, pick a struggle for the good of humanity and just loud it. But that’s just me.



Whatever a celebrity chooses to do with what they have is their business.



What I can do is to be thankful for Mr Debo Macaroni who was there at the Lekki Toll Plaza in Lagos last Saturday. He saved a bunch of people just by elevating the problem with his presence. I’m also thankful for the many celebrities helping to fight the good fight in different ways.



We will get there one day. 

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