Lagos youths are not lazy, they just want to work from home -Ella Temisan

Lagos youths are not lazy, they just want to work from home -Ella Temisan


One thing the Covid-19 lockdown did for us in Lagos was to expose us to a good life where one can sit at home and still earn an income. I learnt that I could be productive without putting myself through all the stress and characteristics that make Lagos, Lagos. I could contribute to society without being in society if you get my drift. And that was my favourite part of being locked down.



I didn’t have to sit in traffic or rush to meet up with an appointment where I would still show up late because I miscalculated my ETA. I didn’t have to catch few hours of sleep anywhere possible because my bed was for fancy. In fact, I could finally breathe and even live!


Lagos youths are not lazy they just want to work from home -Ella Temisan



This is probably the reason why I was unhappy when life started to return to normal settings, despite the continuous presence of the COVID-19 virus. Now, I’d be forced to go back to real life hustle. So, here’s what I did – I quit my “office” job and started hunting for a remote job.


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I wanted to work without putting my body and my full lifespan at risk. I wanted to use my hours smartly and not dash the whole thing to Lagos traffic. Also, I don’t care for office gossip anymore; I’ve discovered that WhatsApp is as good as the office break room. Most importantly, I didn’t want to dress up every day anymore. I don’t know if this makes sense, but I got tired of clothes. So, I put my plan in motion and started searching. What I discovered didn’t surprise me.



It turns out that many employers in Lagos still refuse to believe in working remotely. They want to see your face every day and use up all the hours of your life they are supposedly paying for. Remote jobs are available via international gig channels and we know how that’s scarce to get. Among other things, the competition is very high. After all, I’m not the only one that wants to work from home. So, after searching for a while, I decided to give the great office job another chance. I shouldn’t have.



Lagos youths are not lazy they just want to work from home -Ella Temisan


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On my first day, the day I was supposed to resume, I spent four hours on the road trying to get to work. It was another four hours and some minutes trying to get home at the close of work. That is over eight hours of my productive hours wasted trying to get from point A to B and back. I can’t explain the deep annoyance I feel even thinking about it. Why must it always be like this? Why can’t workers have a job and have a life? We must visit this topic one day.



Anyway, I am searching for a remote job again because Lagos won’t kill me for my mother.



I want to work. I just want to do it from home.

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