Laura Ikeji on ritual killings, “Legit people make more money & sleep well at night”

Laura Ikeji on ritual killings, “Legit people make more money & sleep well at night”

Celebrity businesswoman and Youtuber, Laura Ikeji in a recent post on social media reacted to the trending hike in the rate of ritual occurences in the country. This reaction is coming after three teenage boys within the ages of 17, 19, and 20 were arrested by the police in Abeokuta, Ogun state for allegedly killing their friend’s girlfriend and burning her head for money ritual.

Taking to his official Instagram page, Laureji Ikeji condemned ritual killings; as she disclosed that legit people make more money and even sleep well at night.

Laura Ikeji wrote:

“Legit people make money, they just don’t squander it on Azul! Oh…and they actually sleep well at night.

She added: “When u make legit money, Dorime means nothing to u! K*liking ppl for ritual because of money is hell!.”

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See her post below:

See reactions below:

believe_xl : Facts. Rituals no fit give me the kind money wey I Dey find. STOP Ritualism

empress_efe_9410: True facts oo. Those people never sleep. Club back to back. No peace of mind.

j.a.n.u.a.r.y17:  Is it possible to find legit people making money in an economy of 70% unemployment rate with zero welfare & infrastructure??…

official_vee_hive: What I know is, when you make legit money you have peace of mind. You’re proud of what you have gained. Una fit kill una mama, gf, sisters, strangers but you’ll never beat a person that makes it legitimately.

being_mercy25: I weep for my generation 😢

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