Layole Oyatogun, media personality wants ladies to stop going nude on social media

Layole Oyatogun, media personality wants ladies to stop going nude on social media

Layole Oyatogun has condemned women who are fond of sharing nude photos of themselves on social media.


In an Instagram post, Layole Oyatogun urged ladies to stop going nude on social media because ‘there is a thin line between classy and trashy.’


According to her, women can still win and secure the bag without nudity.


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She wrote:

“Ladies you can still win without nudity,

You can secure that bag without nudity,
You can be sexy without nudity,
You can attract and hold down your crush without nudity.
Nudity is not the new normal and there is a thin line between classy and trashy.
Stay classy”



In other news, Nollywood actress, Belinda Effah divulged her disappointment in women who keep dancing nude on social media. She mentioned that they ought to keep their nudity in check.


Here is what she said:

”I Read The Comments And I Felt Sick In The Pit Of My Tummy, To Think Most Of These Comments Came From Women Is Sickening.

”If Your Sister Or Friend Is In An Abusive Marriage, Won’t You Finds Ways To Get Her Out of It? I Bet You Will Say – Leave Her She Is An Adult, No One Forced Her Into It. How Hateful Can You People Be?

”My Point To The Men Is This, Do Not Promote This Evil, Do Not Encourage This Just To Satisfy Whatever You Are Satisfying Just Because These Women Have Weaknesses. True No One Forced Them But You Can Make A Difference By Not Patronizing Them, That Way You Help Curb The Menace.”



She continued:
”Women We Are Our Own Problem.

Everyone Is Forming No One Forced Her. Bad Is The New Good Abi? So It’s Cool To Act Bad, Meanwhile, You Go To Bed Fighting Your Insecurities, Wondering What You Have Gotten Yourself Into.

Likes, Comments, Followers Are All Fickle.

They Don’t Follow You To That Bed At Night When You Cry Wishing For A Normal Life. Use Your Head ?? Good Night – Make Sure You Don’t Cry Yourself To Sleep ?”


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