Leaders without dreams: The machine society & information of things (IoT) – Chris Uwaje

Leaders without dreams: The machine society & information of things (IoT) – Chris Uwaje



What does Information-of-Things and the Internet-of-Things mean to Leaders without Dreams? The race against 5G is hot on the run and Africa seems to be the ultimate destination. But is Africa IPv6 ready?


The topic of this article seems both confusing and longish! But the intent is to engage “Information of Things” as a basic exploratory examination and invoke the sensibilities of our readers out there. Indeed, this further translates the above and provide some traction to the title.


Further complicated, the mathematical equivalence of the above topic is indeed IPv6-of-Things (V6oT). Therefore, Leaders without Dreams is the misfortune of governance caught in the digital Spider-Web of the Machine Society.


A society predominantly governed by machines and devices instructed and codified by the human mind.



Leaders without dreams: The machine society & information of things (iot) -Chris Uwaje



This may appear somewhat controversial with respect to translating Internet-of-Things (IoT) as Information-of-Things (IoT).  Why have I defined IoT as Information-of-Things in this article? Join me and let’s find out.



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The world is currently migrating to Internet Protocol Version.6 (IPv6) and Africa is out of the race! Point is, this contribution focuses on the dilemma of policy makers who are swamped with electronic information at the speed of thought. But who refuse to recognize their inability that things have indeed fallen apart.


Not only that, many of these leaders without dreams blatantly refused to seek and apply Domain expert inclusiveness solution to drive digital transformation and inclusion in Nigeria/Africa. Also, it attempts to put in clear perspective, that the strategy and approach to technology adoption and diffusion varies from environment to environment.


Leaders without dreams must wake up!

Conventional wisdom informs that, the primary factor for the slow technology adoption and diffusion worldwide, resides within the threshold of the understanding and/or techno-phobia elements of policy makers/users. While in the West, technology adoption is propelled by combined force of R&D, Innovative disruption and discovery. This is in addition to VC and Media-driven Market-forces landscape.


However, it is a different ball game in Africa with a Nigerian mindset, where Government policy is barren on R&D. Rather, it is prioritized by Consumerism and often disconnected from Academia and Industry professionals. This and related intruder information-of-things including gross intrusions as foreign data content, films and music have overwhelmingly contributed to dismantling the desirable structures and standards of our development processes.


Leaders without dreams: The machine society & information of things (iot) - Chris Uwaje



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In my opinion, the entire humanity is a quantum of fused information network. The goal of life and humanity is to seek, analyze, measure, refine and expand (meaningful) intelligent-information for development and progress. To achieve this, digital connectivity has presented itself as the core accelerator for exploring the human mind and universe. AI found a sustainable life-time job!


On the other hand, the Internet has also presented itself as one of the versatile accessibility tools for configuring information/data in many ways – aimed at advancing the numerous goals of human development. My assumption is that life is an awesome dream machine! Reason is:It is and remains impossible for the human mind (which exist in a complex information web) – to construct and think about nothing’! 


Therefore, the above preamble informs that the central focus is self-evident. Since the ultimate goal is the desire to build a simple-flowing Information Society (IS) equilibrium.


Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Society afoot

This balance becomes a strategic imperative in view of the inevitable human population surge of the world that stares us in the face. Where resources for survivability on planet earth are alarmingly scarce.


Current information-of-things tells us that ‘Water that sustains our lives and oxygen are diminishing and climate change is reactively burning’!


What will be the shape of the world in a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Society? Who will control a chunk of the world resources?  How will future resources and education for survivability be structured, shared and delivered? Do we foresee a digital landscape of elongated poverty and the few rich?


Today, many of us (including people in the Africa Continent) view these changes effected by global networks and information technologies in general with great anxiety that can be healed with prayers! Others regard it as a revolution with immense potential value in the global digital resources for worldwide cooperation.


The emergence of this Machine-based digital knowledge society therefore challenges humanity to redefine collaboration for meeting her information and data needs. Not just for business, governance and industry. But more so, for social interaction of the under-served and life-long education at all levels.


All summed up dictates that the next battlefield for sustainable development and wealth creation resides in the Domain of AI Machines-driven IPv6 and IoT strategic knowledge configuration. However, there must be and are consequences. This is especially when machines take over the absolute organization and control of life, human emotion and love.


Here in Africa, we recognize that the Continent stands at the dawn of technology opportunities and will benefit immensely, provided that governments (and industry) fully understand the consequences of its neglect and apply political will to vigorously lead and drive the advocacy to passionately promote technology innovation.


Africa urgently needs to build ICT capacities in strategic areas

Today, the Internet is second to our collective Environment. (Oxygen of life) and Africa must recognize and embrace IPv6 for sustainable development. IPv6 will, very soon, become the absolute default Prefixes for the Internet.


Therefore, encouraging and persuading African Governments not to be late-comers to IPv6 adoption – with her 1.3bilion population estimated to double in 25 years –  is imperative. Leaders without dreams must wake up! The adoption and diffusion IPv6 and IoT in Africa represent the engine room. Indeed, for technological transformation as combined accelerators to create something and change everything. In Africa, Market-forces alone are incapable of delivering the promise of digital evolution and expansion for our information society advancement.


Today, it is safe to state that Nigeria is challenged and rather late in the IPv6 adoption and diffusion process. Moving (IPv6 & IoT) forward, and recognizing the fact that knowledge development strategies and content in Africa faces a monumental challenge by the emerging knowledge Olympiad, Africa urgently needs to build ICT capacities in strategic areas.


These include Research, Innovation, IoTs, Embedded Systems, IPv6, Cloud, AI, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Nano of Things, etc.



Leaders without dreams: The machine society & information of things (iot) - Chris Uwaje



In closing, this contribution solicits the endorsement of the Global IPv6/IoT Community, Policy Makers and Stakeholders from all over the world to dream IPv6 by considering and adopting the following recommendations to improve the e-readiness agenda for the Africa Continent as a means of deploying uniformity in the global technology transformation value chain:


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– Recognize the immense impact of the emergence of the Machine Society and declare the current status of Africa-wide  IPv6/IoT Development Agenda as a “Critical State of Emergency” and call on Africa Union (AU) to  passionately lead the advocacy for the establishment of  Africa IPv6/IoT Marshal Plan.

No more space for 21st Century Leaders without Dreams

– Advocate the need to establish the Africa IPv6/IoT Development Framework (AIIDF). This will function as a platform for clustering and sharing critical digital knowledge systems for accelerated Information Society competitiveness. Also, this ideal will cut across all levels of development in the Continent.

– Ensuring that all Africa Policy Makers and Leadership in each country establish IPv6/IoT Task Forces. The Task Force will develop country IPv6/IoT Migration Strategic Plan. By extension, ensure that adequate funding is  provided in their National Budget for the adoption , diffusion and advancement IPv6/IoT in Africa.

– Promote the establishment of Africa-wide IoT Innovation Hackathon on Africa Development of Things (ADoT).    


– Encourage African Professionals to innovate strategies to Retool the Africa Knowledge Workforce and infrastructure. Further, this will form part of strategic imperatives for the emergence of “Africa’s New Creative and Innovative Class “(ANCIC).


No more space in the 21st Century for Leaders without dreams. The time to act is now!


Lilian Osigwe

Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer.

Lilian Osigwe

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