Leaked Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype sold on Facebook Marketplace

Leaked Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype sold on Facebook Marketplace



Another week, another leak for Google which seems to be unable to keep the prototypes of its new devices under wraps.


This time, an alleged Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype has surfaced on Reddit after a user claimed they bought it on Facebook Marketplace.


The Redditor said that the phone was was listed as a Pixel 6 Pro without a box.


Based on the picture uploaded by the Redditor, AMC20_; it sure looks like a Pixel 7 Pro which they said they had been using for about three weeks.


While Google is no stranger to leak; this is the second Pixel prototype spotted in the wild in two weeks.


Just last week, an alleged Pixel 7 prototype was listed on eBay months ahead of the official release.

The two phones might even be from the same leak.


One of the photos on the eBay listing showed that the seller might have gotten their hands on a Pixel 7 Pro whose reflection was visible on the back of the Pixel 7.


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According to the Redditor who purchased the 7 Pro prototype; this phone could be the same one used to take the photos on the leaked Pixel 7 eBay listing.


Some Reddit users seem to think the leak is legit, asking AMC20_ about the performance and dimensions of the phone. One user wanted to know if a Pixel 6 Pro case fit on the alleged 7 Pro.


‘So I actually found a case on Amazon it was like $4 a clear case and it fit perfectly made the bezel that sticks out more flush,’ replied AMC20_.


They also clarified that the alleged Pixel 7 Pro prototype had ‘virtually the same size screen’ as the Pixel 6 Pro.


‘This morning it started acting weird ending in it going to a bootloader screen; after saying it was factory resetting and wiping all my data,’ said the Redditor in his post.


The Redditors believe that Google remotely wiped or deactivated the phone once they discovered the leak.


Google had just formally confirmed the incoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro; during its 2022 I/O developer conference last month.


This is the third major Google device leak within just a few weeks; after after a Pixel Watch prototype was ‘left’ at a restaurant.

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