Lekki vs Mushin: What’s the difference? – Ella Temisan

Lekki vs Mushin: What’s the difference? – Ella Temisan



First of all, I owe an apology to Mushin and its people for this comparison to Lekki. They don’t deserve to be in this kind of situation. I’m only doing this to pass my point across.

Ordinarily, I’d have compared Lekki to Kabul since this is a case of extremists.

I have only used Mushin to make this comparison because Mushin is supposed to be the HQ of hooliganism and lawlessness in Lagos that we all recognise. But Lekki? Lekki is an extremist murdering tout wearing fake Gucci and living in a rented apartment with unpaid rent.

Lekki is a pit.



Lekki vs Mushin: What’s the difference? - Ella Temisan

I would say Lagos State is a pit but that’d be stating the obvious. After all, regardless of the location, Lagosians drove past the scene of that murder on Admiralty Way where Dave, a sound engineer, husband and father of two, lost his life. It was a Lagosian that recorded the now-viral video complete with voice-overs and effects.

 Lagosians in their fine cars drove past that man’s hurting body on the floor before he eventually gave up. Lagosians chose their chill than risk being hurt trying to save a dying man. All on Admiralty Way.

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Admiralty Way is the most popular road on the Island. It is the place where businesses want to be because you’re either on Admiralty or you’re not in Lekki. You’d have to be solid to thrive in any other location than Admiralty Way if you’re a Lekki business. And it is on that same road, a young man lost his life to senseless mob action.

According to reports, the man wasn’t even involved in the fracas that degenerated into violence. He was just a scapegoat for some irate men.

At least in Mushin, every man, woman, dog, goat, fowl and their fellows have a family – the street. They are a part of a system, no matter how inappropriate it is. They belong somewhere. So, in a misunderstanding, there would be equal numbers of both sides to dig it out in a street battle.



Lekki vs Mushin: What’s the difference? - Ella Temisan


But in Lekki, everybody is a big man. Until when bushmeat go catch the hunter. Then alarm bells will start ringing. Justice for him and justice for her. The pretentiousness is sickening, abeg!

Funny thing? The location of that incident always has a police patrol van stationed there. But it’s good to know they are only there to instruct motorists to “shake body” for them.

Lekki is a pit.

I pray Dave and all the people who have lost their souls unjustly find peace and that their killers get due punishment. I also pray for their families. May they be consoled.

Stay on guard! May Lagos not happen to you or any of the people you care about.

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