Lesbian assaulted by partner, weeps on Twitter

Lesbian assaulted by partner, weeps on Twitter

A lesbian has revealed in a Twitter post that relationships are not rosy in homosexual unions.


Taking to social media during the early hours of Wednesday, the lesbian lady shared photos of the injuries inflicted on her face and neck by her lesbian partner.


The lady who resides in Atlanta, with the handle, @Theylovestorm_, said this wasn’t the first time her partner would beat her up.



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Read her narration below.

Domestic violence is real.

Especially in same-sex relationships.

And it isn’t addressed enough.

Last night I experienced something no woman should ever have to experience.

My face and neck are bruised cut and I was beaten.

I am still in shock.”


She continued;

If anything is to happen to me.

I would also like to add I am being stalked and or harassed via text messages.

This is not the first incident.

She has beaten me before on April 13/14.

She has a pattern of violence & has done this to several previous partners.

As a matter of fact, she lived in my house & I took care of her since I met her.

Done writing about this.’‘ she wrote accompanied by photos of her bruised body.


See more photos of her bruised face below.


This report is coming after Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa stated that heterosexuals are not mentally balanced.

She mentioned in a Twitter post that they are pretenders and fake lovers.

She likewise went on to state that most people who are dating the opposite sex are broken; and are also pretenders.

Here is what Temmie Ovwasa mentioned on social media;

Is there a blueprint for a mentally healthy/stable Nigerian/Nigerian relationship?

I’d like to meet Nigerians that are aware of their trauma; the root cause; aware enough to admit that we’re mad…

Lmao, Y’all are such pretenders and it’s not cute; Something is broken inside Us!”

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