Lesbians: Nigerian women open up on dating people of same gender

Lesbians: Nigerian women open up on dating people of same gender

Lesbians on the social media platform, Twitter have opened up on their various experiences with other women.

It has been an interesting eye-opener, as most lesbian commenters revealed that being in a homosexual relationship is more complicated than dating a person of the opposite gender.

1st News has gathered various insights from social media commenters.

While some revealed that they are proud to be lesbians; others stated that they have been unable to regain normalcy due to the trauma they experienced during the course of the relationship.

Specifically, a lesbian is a lady who is in a relationship or has romantic ties with a fellow lady.

A lesbian might have made attempts to enter a heterosexual relationship; however, it often ends on a sour note. In recent years, numerous Nigerian women are coming out to agitate against the cultural norm and ideology of getting married to a man.

The lesbian Nigerian movie maker, Pamela Adie, who is the executive producer of the first lesbian movie in Nigeria, Ifè spoke about her marriage.

She mentioned that it was a disaster; stating that she could not bow or sincerely love her ex-husband. Pamela Adie has since walked out of her marriage and has continued to campaign for the fundamental rights of members of the LGBTQ community in Nigeria.

A decade ago, Nigerians who are primarily religious people and conservatives in nature preferred to distance themselves from topics on homosexuality and its intricacies.

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However, the burgeoning generation have other ideas. They are not asking questions but are challenging the norms; delving deep into the waters and going with the flow.

The 2020 #EndSars protest  was significant in this regard; as it confirmed that  Nigerian youths are sick of the chokehold of Government. Indeed, there is an urge for more amongst the people.

Many in the younger generation have preferred not to accept the framework and guidelines of religion and morality.

For these ones, identifying as gay, lesbian or queer is no longer a reality to shy away from.

It is not longer about the regular safe discussion of teenage pregnancy and pressure of adolescent stage. These days, it is about the pressure of seeing men such as Bobrisky as role models; women such as the cinematographers, Uyaide Nse-Ikpe; and ex-YBNL artiste, Temmie Ovwasa speaking their truth on their non-conformist sexuality.

In other words, the LGBTQ community is growing rapidly  and thriving in Nigeria. Even more important, members are becoming unapologetic braggarts.

On Wednesday, May 26, a Twitter user identified as @Mr_Alexius decided to question women.

Taking to his Twitter page, he wrote;

I really want to ask women who date women if dating women is easy.

His post did not take long to blow up. Commenters, both lesbians and heterosexual women who experimented with lesbianism or are bisexual shared their experiences.

Read them below.




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