Lessons from Don Jazzy and his failed marriage – Peju Akande

Lessons from Don Jazzy and his failed marriage – Peju Akande

The recent revelation from music aficionado, Don Jazzy, bears some lessons for all.

People generally have a penchant for bad news. Even the basic definition of news favours bad news; if it is good, no one wants to read or listen.

So it was no surprise when the news about Don Jazzy’s failed marriage went viral days back. Don Jazzy is one of the most visible, talented and scandal-free music producers in Africa as a whole. His actions online continue to garner praise and millions of likes from fans both home and abroad. I follow him and I think he is one of our best talents in music.



When he posted about his failed marriage, very few knew he had ever been married; as he had never openly been seen with any female. Though he has been linked with several in the past few years; none of them seemed to have been the ‘right woman’ because again, they were mere speculations.

Needless to say, Don Jazzy has kept his private life, very private.

With a post about a first failed marriage, the buzz began with people, ooh-ing and aah-ing

“Ha, that explains a lot of things.”

“Hooo, no wonderrrr.”

Well, now that we know, this should hopefully quieten a few matchmakers; especially those always prodding the music producer to go get married.

And now that we know, we understand why one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelors remains single. We know that celebrity marriages are like our regular marriages. Though you can argue that Don Jazzy’s marriage crashed before he attained mega celebrity status and you will be right; the point here is whether celebrity or not, when it comes down to the nitty gritty; marriages are all the same.

Marriages needs both parties to work on it.


It requires selflessness, it requires grit, it requires honesty from both parties. Marriage requires maturity and this doesn’t necessarily come with age. It requires love and commitment on both sides…same thing non-celebrity marriages require.

Whenever we read about celebrity marriages crashing, ordinary folks think they can do better. They reason…’if I get money ehen’…if I have the money and status these people have; I will do a better job of keeping my marriage…’ -lo ri iro!


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We judged Tonto Dike, we judged Toke Makinwa, we judged Blossom…We keep judging, never realizing, when the chips are down, these people; these celebs are ordinary humans like the rest of us. The only difference is that they have more visibility and maybe more money to splurge.

However, having more money never made a marriage last. What does, doesn’t require money.

I am happy Don Jazzy has finally come to terms with the role he played in his marriage. He confessed to being young and pursuing his music dreams rather than building his marriage. He didn’t cast the blame on his ex-wife. Instead, he took responsibility for his role in the crash. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame him or his young bride for the crash.

They were both young, immature, still growing and learning. Those are recipes for disaster. In all, marriages also require support from the extended family. Many marriages have crashed due to external family influences.

What I also find instructive here is that Don Jazzy’s ex-wife, Michelle Jackson also came online to corroborate his story and to thank him and friends and family for their support throughout their trying period.


Don Jazzy

Family support for marriages cannot be underrated especially when couples are going through trying times. Good advice, encouragement, especially where there is no violence, is very important to help the couple cope; to understand better and do better to improve on their marriages.

I’m glad Don Jazzy has learned his lessons…After all, we keep learning every day. I am glad he has moved on and so has his ex-wife. I am glad they can see each other outside or online; without throwing insults or stones at one another like some people we know.

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