Let me tell you why blood is flowing in Plateau state – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Let me tell you why blood is flowing in Plateau state – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

What would you say if I told you that between last year and this year an estimated 11,000 people have been killed in Plateau State, mainly in Berom communities?

What if I told you that over 40 villages have been sacked and some wiped out completely in Berom communities alone? If you were Nigerian you would try to correct me and say that I am probably talking about North East and not the North Central. You would be wrong.

What if I told you that 11,000 is a conservative number?

What if I asked you to station yourself at any mortuary and count the number of corpses that come in every single day from gun and machete injuries from the hands of armed Fulani men sometimes in cohorts with security agencies? Even if you were able to count the victims, I would ask you of the ones that are missing. I would ask of the bodies thrown in the wells. I would ask of hastily prepared same day burials because it is easier to bury the people today than to keep them and add the corpses of the next day to them.

You would then ask me why?

I would ask you what you have heard.

You would tell me that you heard that the Berom people are cattle rustlers.

plateau protest

I would ask you how an 18 month old baby could rustle cattle.

I would ask you how a 6 month old foetus even knew about cattle.

I would ask you how whole communities collide and steal cattle.

I will ask you how many cows are worth 11,000 lives.

I would ask you how hundreds of thousands of people have had to flee their ancestral lands, farms and houses because they have been condemned to die for allegedly rustling cattle.

I would ask you whether the wages of cattle rustling is death.

Then you would wonder with me why cows only get rustled in Plateau. When places like Bauchi and Southern Kaduna and even in some parts of Gana Wuri in Plateau have more cattle than Berom land but have not witnessed the pogrom on the scale that Beroms have witnessed.

Then you would be puzzled and ask me what was so special about the rustling in Berom land.

I would laugh and ask you to sit down.

I will tell you of land rich from the top to the bottom.

I will tell you of the unmined lands of tin rich Kuru.

I would tell you of the columbite in Bisichi.

I would tell you about Gasish, Rim, Foron, Vat and so many other mineral rich areas.

I would tell you about the Chinese with bags of money and determination to evade tax.

I will tell you about the Hausas that sell minerals to the Chinese men.

I will tell you about the Beroms that have been terrorized out of their land.

I will tell you of exaggerated tales of rustling.

I will tell you of isolated Berom youths in collision with Fulani youth.

I will tell you of Fulani who have discovered that mining makes faster and easier money than herding.

I will tell you of Fulani women who no longer carry calabashes with Fura da nono on their heads.

I will tell of Fulani women that carry large pans filled with earth.

Berom earth that is full of Tin, Columbite, Tantalite, Wolframite.

You would need to sell hundreds of calabashes to buy a gun.

Property Bank AD (FA)

But a pan filled with earth, keeps the men armed.

I will tell you of a decline in cattle rearing that started since the 80s with education and when Fulanis started embracing dry season farming.

I will tell you of hectares and hectares of land lying fallow.

For their husband men are missing, fleeing, dying or dead.

I will tell you about empty huts and houses.

I will tell you about burnt settlements.

I will tell you about the new owners.

You would then ask me about government protection.

I will tell you of a politics that looks away from the plight of dying people.

I will tell you of compromised lawmakers, chiefs and kings.

I will tell you of the rich that have shut their ears because the harrowing cries of the raped interrupt them as they count their gold coins.

I will tell you about angry Berom youths who avenged senselessly the senseless deaths they have witnessed.

You could ask me why the media keeps quiet.

I would tell you the rat dances to the tune of the piper

You will see reason with me and then you will cry with me.

You will agree with me that it is not just a war.It is genocide.

And the spoils are beneath our feet.


About The Author

Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer. [email protected]

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  1. Prince Simon Mwadkwon

    Sacred facts that those saddle with the responsibility of protecting lives and property of the Berom will not want to hear. Please I wish to be part of you I’m this struggle to say that the Berom just like every Nigerian have right to life.

  2. Gyang Ndong Deme

    These are the real facts of our situation, carefully captured! Perhaps the greatest mistake made by the Berom nation in time past, was its hospitable disposition in the first place! The very strangers we accommodated as brothers and friends have now taken arms against us to take over our God-given land?

    When we cry out loud, nobody hears us; when we fight back, soldiers shoot us dead; when we sit back, the annihilation continues! What do we do?


  3. Worom Gwol

    This is the full story of what is happening in Berom land. But our cry is for the Federal Government to intervene if the President believes that Beroms are part and parcel of Plateau State and Nigeria.

    1. nasiru musa

      You see that is were you are wrong. Is beroms lives better than other tribes live? Again you people are slave to history because you suddenly forgot what the berom did not only to the fulanis but to entire people if plareau. They gave thire problems a religion coloration so that they enjoyed the sympathy of other xtians in fighting for thire selfish cause. No body was talking about that untill now when the political power is no more with you and you are crying.

      1. Emma

        You also missed it. Try and locate the mouth of the thread before you begin to sew – i.e draw conclusions. Your argument has said nothing aside supporting a reprisal for a perceived wrong. What you are imagining and drawing wrong conclusions from has it’s basis in history and it did not start in Plateau state but was imported for political and religious reasons. When you choose to be dispassionate you will see clearly. You have the right to your view though, as warped as it appears.

  4. ananymous

    all these are conspiracies. ask yourself why the ganawuri people are living in peace with the fellow fulani man, or you think we dont have mineral resources in our soil?

    1. Davou

      Do you think you are safe? Do you think you can make friendship with a fulani man? Earlier the better, is for you guys to open you eyes.

  5. Joseph D

    I know the ancestral spirit will not allowed conspirators to go free, especially the security operative the blood of the innocent soul killed will continue to hunt them and there children children. The will leave to see the Berom Nation bouncing back, more strong then befor the enemies will soon be to put to shame.


    Where is Meyeti Allah? Let them refute this
    Where are the security operatives? Let them refute this.
    What about the government both Federal/ State? let them confirm their actions or in-action
    I still want to hear Pollen Talen speak again without sentiments and hatred for the Berom.

  7. Sarah Pam

    I always ask ; how much is a cattle in the abatoir and how much too is a live(soul) in the abatoir if at all a soul can be soul.
    Cattle Rustling and Killings;
    1. Who are the owmers of the cattles?
    2. Where and when was reported of cattle rustling?
    3. Nos of cattles rustled with dates?
    Despite the killings and razing down of h
    ouses and hamlets in the berom communities, how many cows have been found as they razed down
    With the IDPs all over in nos with displaced peope,how many no of cattles are also seen or sighted at the IDPs ?
    Government is silent. PMB should speak . #ENOUGHISENOUGH #STOPTHEKILLINGSINPLATEAU

  8. bartholomew

    Not enough of all the happenings you have listed are in the media. What are the able body Beromites doing. They with their governor should rise up and fight for their emancipation.!!!!

  9. Iornumbe Ngutswen

    Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man, just because money is involved. May God help us from these heartless vampires.

  10. Dasat G S

    This is absolutely true my sister. Cattle rustling is just a cover up, the actual aim is to take over the land. A Fulani man once confessed to my hearing that the grass in Barkin ladi and Riyom is the best for cows, it make their cows grow healthy and that they are willing to pay any prize to remain in the land. The solution to this crises will end if govt is willing to put it to a stop. Prosecuting attackers, this people are known to their host communities , they not unknown gun men as they referred to. Well I pray the new Commander of OSH in Jos will be proactive responding to distress calls from villages. Most of the attacks don’t just happened without security reports, implying some level of negligence or compromise

  11. Timothy Tokkitda Kassam

    Where is the plateau that i use to know?… The plateau, that inspite of our internal disagreement stand by each other to fight an external enemy. The plateau, that sees a berom man as my brother, ngas man as a companion, taroh man as a fellow compatroit, every tribe represented on the plateau as a most needed ingredient to balance the diet. Hmmmm! Am missing that plateau. What went wrong? Why the hatred on one another? How did we gets here? A house divided against it self of course can not stand. Every single life on the plateau is precious as a seed… That need to be valued and protected.

  12. james kwon rondong mangai

    Biodun,am waiting to hear from you .i have read so many articles on the situation in plateau but just few are talking about solutions that will bring a lasting peace on the land. Am not instigating any one to fight but what do you do when, the government, politician,….etc are not coming to your rescue.do you wait to be slaughter. Like an animal? Or do you find a way of defending your self? Tell me.

  13. Edward Peters

    The Federal government has criminally remained silent about the carnage and pogroms going on in Berom-land. There is no single day that passes by without fulanis committing masacres in Berom-land whether on the farms, homes or people on their way elsewhere. The conspiracy to take over the Berom-land by Fulani jihadists is a long-term plan and it is well known by many.

  14. Patrick

    A lot of damages have been done on the Plateau particularly the Berom nation. Please suffice me to say this, it is painful to us all on the Plateau, This war/woe is not against the Beroms alone, it is woe against the whole people of Plateau state. Cant you see that they are just strategically trying to capture the land by taking the nation close or in the capital? Northern senatorial district of Plateau state is the capital and administrative seat of the state! PLATEAU PEOPLE MUST LOOK FOR ALTERNATIVE TO THESE INCESSANT ACT OF IMPUNITY PERPETRATED BY THE SO CALLED FULANI HERDSMEN OR ELSE WE AND OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS WILL SOON BECOME SLAVES IN THEIR OWN LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. samuel sango

    Comment…am not as frightened at this precedence as i am of the inertia and lip-service that greets it at various levels.there is a worrying sense of detachment by the beroms themselves who have taken a pseudo elite status by virtue of their residence in the cities.our romance with western education and lust for power has lured our humanity away from what is sacred and important.the genocide of Rwanda of the hutus was quite pardonable being that it was executed within a quick span of time but ours defies sensibility because it has taken over a decade now.its even sorry that these revelations and audacious exposure are coming from a non native.imagine peace is restored now by virtue of negotiations and m.o.u draftings,who do you think will dictate the terms of relations and co-existence?who will now draw the boundary lines of our heritage?who will name what and where is viable for farming or grazing?hasnt the bill on grazing land reserves gotten the strongest boost as it appears now?lets call a spade a spade.its either we choose eating in a dish with our knees on the ground or be dishless and starving on our two feet.i believe isreal chose the later which has seen them pitch their camp against devourers who roar but are bereft of teeth to bite.one thing is also for sure.this mayhem is systematically producing a breed of berom generations to come who will become totally insensitive to human persuations but only understand the language of violence.these are the end times,remember,nothing is meant to stop but escalate or take another dimension.we cant stop Christ from coming because of our plight.deal with it!

  16. Nanpan Yaks

    Comment…We are seriouly batling with boko haram here but govt attentiom is the northeast. Govt should declare the Fulani
    ‘s terrorist bcos they taken over many towns and villages

  17. Pam Jr

    I heard that the military were around to defend the minority (those carrying out the genocide). Little wonder they (the fulanis) come from their comfort and secured zone behind the military, ambush, attack, shoot, kill and decapitate Beroms, in their houses, farms, churches and on tarred roads less than 1km from stationed JTF’s then they go back through the same securty without being seen. Yet JTF would claim not to have heard gun fire lasting over 3 hrs (Sabon gidan kanar), or they say they are waiting from orders from Abuja before they can respond (Gyero/Gyel). friends and relatives of the killed are then arrested and detained for defending themselves… No Fulanis are ever detained. Do the math: the attacks are carried out by unknown gunmen (no one knows them) yet Fulanis are called to the round table for “peace talks’. I have not dought as to the competense of our military but I wonda… Is there a conspiracy somewhere? are our leaders too rich, comfortable, bold or far to speak? Is overlooking this ethnic cleansing helping matters?

  18. Moses Plangkat

    The killings we are experiencing now has gone beyond a tribal affair situation. We keep deceiving ourselves saying this fight is just on them. Unknown to us that they might be looking for a strategic point to spread out their tentacles, and it is also said that a problem to one is a problem to all, but the situation now is like face your problem alone. And one mans fault cannot be the fault of all (I strongly disagree with that). When two heads are joined together, you can surely tell the benefit talk less of three or many. I believe this issue has gone beyond the physical, this is a spiritual issue that as Christians and Muslims (who genuinely really want peace from their hearts) should rise up as one to pray to God to save our land and people from this mysterious acts and times we are in. “For if my people will rise up and pray to me, then I will answer them from heaven and heal their lands and diseases”; but if you feel you can’t then there are volunteers who can still rise up to pray and God will surely listen to theirs if you feel you cannot pray for someones safety. “For the sake of the five righteous people in Sodom and Gomorah I will spare the land”. So let’s not be discouraged, when one will not rise, you and I can rise and be the voices to safe our dying land and nation.

  19. unanimous

    Comment…BIROMS you lies, better talk the truth what happened to small villages occupied by some hauses and fulanis in your areas. what happened to their property ?
    During the crisis how much were you selling a kilo of a meat ? you you broms started it all.
    pls atop crying fowl .

  20. Chiroma Abubakar

    My simple questions are, why is it only the Birom land?
    Of what economic benefits are the killings in Beromland (not Plateau)?
    What measures did Jang put in place to check the violence in his 8 years?
    When would the communities ( Beroms, Fulani and Hausa) learn how to live with one another?

    Someone somewhere (from within) must be happy with the situation in Beromland.


    Comment… THE SOLUTION IS RESTITUTION. Let Plateau State contribute including my Self . Buy Flocks of cattles and Return Formaly to the FULANIS along side a token As a Peace Offering After whch we Pray to God Almighty. Thanks

  22. Mr Sabi


  23. Deoye

    Read this with a heavy heart.
    You hit the nail squarely.
    Original inhabitants are being hacked dead on a daily basis and everyone looks away.
    It’s sad. Makes one wonder what country we’re in.

  24. Nap

    Comment..I grew up in kaduna.I know exactly what happened when the kataf people stood toi defend their heritage.Nothing and no one will take our God given heritage.History will always repeat itself. The Jabas, Kajes,Kagoros and many other tribes realized with time that it wasn’t a Kataf issue along.Be. very careful with what you say. Posterity will judge.

  25. Chungwom Gyang

    Comment…There are those who talk an act out of ignorance. Others out of mischief. Those who are rejoicing because the Berom are being annihilated should note that just like the world rotates, one day it’ll be the turn of others. God is fighting for the Berom, if not by now there would not have been anyone alive after 14 years of systematic and persistent attacks. God is always on the side of the innocent. Mind what you say lest you find yourself fighting God.

  26. Sulaiman

    BIROM youth killed my Fulani relatives in Plateau. That was the time when so many dead people were brought to Kano and other places. Birom do you remember the massacre you did during eid? Did you forget how you roasted Hausa people and ate them? I refused to believe the story of cannibalism Until a friend I met in UK, Dr Samson Ijeja corroborated it. The mistake you made was touching the herds of Fulani people. You were selling cows at ridiculous prices back then. This is not the end of your trouble. I am sure this is not Hausa people killing you. Hausa are spineless. It must be those Fulani people. So stop whining like kids and start fight back like men.

  27. Majek Okunola OWOO

    It is very unfortunate that this is happening in the much cherished land of Plateau. I did NYSC in Jos in the early Eighties and I knew that the Plateau that many people even foreigners dream of to stay / have holidays and even built their resorts is now a place of hatred just because of some insensitive selfish motives. Where are the BIROMS themselves? The Plateau State Government? The collaborators? There is definitely no smoke without fire. The adage says if the internal death did not kill you that from outside will not kill you. Let them look inwards to solve the problems first before crying out. The solution is internal

  28. Joseph Manji Dadiel

    I strongly agree & wish the truth has a tongue to speak more for the sake of a people who were filled with hope and peacefully living together before all these attacks by spoilers or invisible government.


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