Let there be light in Lagos: We are not children of darkness – Ella Temisan

Let there be light in Lagos: We are not children of darkness – Ella Temisan

In the beginning, God had begun to create the earth and declared that there be light.


Indeed, there was light.


So, darkness ran away that light would shine. When former Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola, resumed as Minister of Power and other things; he too declared that there will be light. But it’s like he didn’t say it with the authority of God because there is no light.


I don’t know about you or where you live but there is no light in Lagos State.


If, in the beginning it was alright, and you used to enjoy a miserly five hours of power supply a day; then somewhere in the middle, it got better or worse; tell me, how is the power situation in your area currently? Because it is beyond worse at mine.




Although there is nothing wrong with our transformer or electric wires; we don’t get up to two hours of light daily. Nobody seems to know why. We thought a grid was down as usual and was taking longer than normal to be repaired. But no! Everything is fine.


In fact, according to a news article, we have so much electricity that we (Nigeria) will be selling unconsumed units to neighbouring countries. Kai! Will Lord Lugard rest in peace like this? Who did this thing to us? How can a full state, a full country, be shuffling about in darkness; yet is boldly announcing such a thing? I’m struggling to understand this.


Darkness does negative things to people. It is a stressor. It causes you to remain worried about things that shouldn’t matter. Things like how your soup and stew is doing in the freezer.


Many of us can’t afford to cook fresh meals daily or even twice a week. Especially with the rising costs of food items in the market. It is a luxury that is reserved for high-income earners. Lack of electricity means that you will only eat ogbono soup because it can survive harsh conditions.


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And your tomato stew will fast turn to blood tonic because you’ve warmed the life out of it. No power supply means the money you might have spent on slices of watermelon and pineapple will be spent on a jerrycan of fuel that should last you few hours. At least, you will be able to charge your phone and enjoy some breeze.


The darkness makes me feel deep sadness whenever I see new-born babies and their parents. Have you tried to pacify a wailing child that is too hot to lay calmly? I’ve tried it. It is not funny.


We need help with our electricity. We need help fast! Indeed, we aren’t children of darkness, after all. But Mr. Governor is too busy having photo sessions and commissioning series of “master plan” projects to do much about the situation.


What can I say? Thank God I have a generator. Let me be managing myself until something happens.


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