Let’s pause this 2023 elections – Viola Okolie

Let’s pause this 2023 elections – Viola Okolie



This whole 2023 election brouhaha is just beginning to make Nigeria (and Nigerians) look like a whole bunch of unserious jokers that are not even interested in knowing what way is up.



Some of the candidates presenting themselves for office in 2023 and the way and manner they have chosen to present themselves should give us serious pause for thought.



I know that we may argue that in recent times; Nigeria has slid so down the “giant” scale that our giantess can only be calculated either in double negatives…Or else we want to calculate them based on metrics that are not only cringeworthy in nature.



But you would have to be extremely tone-deaf not to know that these metrics don’t augur well for anyone whatsoever.



So, we now understand and agree that Nigeria is no longer a giant; or hardly even qualifies to be called a midget in any sense of the word. Is there anywhere in the political rule books that we can take a stab at, say self-governance, for instance?


I mean, take a look at it. We already provide our own water, build our own roads, have resorted to home schooling our kids. We secure ourselves not individually and communally, connive with nature to source our own water and healthcare. Wetin remain?

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It is just left for us now to recognize our individual and independent homes as sovereign and autonomous nations that can function on its own with occasional directives from the “Federal” available via radio appearances and scripted television interviews of our various leaders.



That we even have Nigerians bickering over who should be allowed to drive the nation further into deeper misrule at a point in time when the North is on fire from herdsmen and bandits; the East is on fire from unknown gunmen and the west is on fire from the sheer refusal to reduce the quantity of pepper they add to food… but I digress.



The nation is literally burning.



Flames all around and the worst part is that this time round, the big men are not immune from it. The flames are recklessly licking around every ankle. Everybody must feel am small before it is sated; yet, the primary concern of the country is to choose between geriatrics or show boys as the incoming President for an election in 2023 that is still many moons away.



I know there is an obvious question nagging away at the back of your minds.


I’ll help you ask it.





Let’s pause this 2023 elections – Viola Okolie


Pray tell, who are these people fighting so hard, fighting themselves, fighting against their very own bodies; disowning and disavowing themselves of anyone that so much as sounds against their ambitions to rule? Who are they fighting to govern?



People who have been confined to cowering in their houses and speaking in hushed voices; especially once darkness has descended because of the trembling insecurity in the land? People who say a word of prayer as they step out of their houses and leave; not knowing if they’ll either ever return back to same homes in one piece or having made it back; if they’ll still meet the homes where they left them or the occupants as they left them.

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People who are so hungry, weak and spent that when the opportunity arises; they have no qualms with cannibalizing themselves through Ponzi schemes, get rich quick rituals, outright transfer of aggressions, etc etc.



Or maybe it is the youth and “not so youth” in the process of what may eventually come to be known as Nigeria’s worst brain drain episode ever as they abandon the sinking ship in droves?



Or maybe they are struggling to govern themselves like they have always done. Keep the National cake only available and accessible to a select few. Ensure that power only keeps circulating among a select group of people and that the hoi polloi never get an opportunity to lay an unprivileged finger on government and governance.

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What exactly is this hustle to become President without first addressing these deep problems the land is facing?



Perhaps, the right approach may be to totally cancel any and every plans of holding a Presidential election in Nigeria. Let all of these politicians who are coming out to flex muscles come together under one umbrella association and begin to deep dive the problems of Nigeria and the solutions to it.


In the meantime, an Interim Government can be set up to successfully usher out the unsuccessful two-term administration of President Buhari; then work with the Presidential hopefuls to try to get the country back on track within a couple of years.



That should be the focus of every so-called “well meaning” Nigerian; not this scramble that we all know is just focused on self enrichment and personal aggrandizement.

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Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer. [email protected]

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