LG shares a timeline for commercial 6G deployment

LG shares a timeline for commercial 6G deployment



LG – The commercial deployment of the 5G network began in 2019.


It has been almost two years, yet there are a number of countries across the globe where 5G connectivity isn’t available yet.


Under the circumstances, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume the next-generation network would take some time to arrive.


Now, LG has shared a timeline as to when it would deploy its commercial 6G network.


GizChina quoting a report by Yonhap news agency wrote that LG Electronics has announced that; it expects its commercial 6G network to be available at the earliest by 2029.


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The report says that LG Electronics has signed an agreement with American electronics test; and measurement company Keysight and the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).


As a part of this agreement, the three companies will jointly work towards the development of the 6G network technology.


The three companies will cooperate in the development of the terahertz frequency band for 6G communications.


The group is aiming to complete 6G research by 2024.


However, it will not start the commercialisation of the 6G communication technology immediately after. Instead, it will do so in 2029.

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