Linda Ikeji: ‘Success not measured by age’

Linda Ikeji: ‘Success not measured by age’

On Saturday, December 19, foremost Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji admonished her followers never to feel weary because of their age. She mentioned that success is not measured by age.


Linda Ikeji, 40, stated in a lengthy post that it is quintessential to remain focused on one’s primary aim as well as objective. She stated this on her Instagram platform.


Linda mentioned that it is important to keep building momentum rather than worrying about one’s age.


The Linda Ikeji TV founder is one of the most successful women to emerge from Africa; she has also influenced several bloggers courtesy of her well-received innovation in journalism in the 2010s.



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Read what Linda Ikeji shared on Instagram;

“Don’t obsess over the things society says you are ‘supposed to do’ at a certain age…

It will put undue pressure on you and will most likely kill your happiness.”


In the latter part of her post, the billionaire blogger told her followers that things align for people at different stages of their lives.


Continue reading what she wrote;

“You don’t have to do things by a certain age.

Lifeworks in different ways for everyone. She’s not you. You are not him! Do life your own way…

However, it works for you and doesn’t worry about people who have high expectations of you or treat you like they are disappointed in you.

They will be fine!

The society will be fine! 😏
Just remember to never stop doing your best and doing right! That’s all life requires from you.

The rest is up to God! #Happywednesday”


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