Livid woman crashes wedding, claims she is pregnant for groom

Livid woman crashes wedding, claims she is pregnant for groom

A livid woman has caused pandemonium at a wedding ceremony after she claims she was pregnant with the groom’s baby.


The livid woman revealed she is not prepared to leave the groom until he chooses to accept that he impregnated her.


Footage of the incident has gone viral on TikTok though it’s not clear when it was recorded.


In the video, she was seen tossing the flower at the bride, she said; “You better get out of my mama’s wedding. What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?”


The pregnant woman turned up at the outdoor wedding while the officiating Minister was reading the vows to the couple at the dome-shaped patio.




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As soon as she made her entrance, she began screaming.


She is heard saying: “Anthony! Do you pretend you didn’t know me? didn’t get your psych med today?


“Anthony I know you hear me! You’re acting like you don’t know me…I got your baby here!”



The minister continued reading the vows but wedding guests were already murmuring in surprise.


The bride and groom ignored the screaming woman but she didn’t relent.


At one point, a young woman, who is seen holding a bouquet in her hands, dashes out of the patio.

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