Living in Asia is very affordable if you are in a relationship by Tee  

Living in Asia is very affordable if you are in a relationship by Tee   

Let me tell you a little about me. When I was single, spending my money on a man wasn’t my priority. I must confess that I was selfish and I thought only of myself.

Well, in marriage one cannot be selfish oh, as the marriage journey like I always say is for better or for worse, meaning I had to learn very fast that this relationship thing is a give and take thing oh, no dulling.


Omo that is how I started spending on my man, buying presents for everything from Valentine to birthdays to wedding anniversaries, even Father’s day as well, everything.

The one that pains my soul the most sha is Valentine day. Growing up nobody used to celebrate Valentine’s day in Nigeria, now it is all over. You buy meat from Aboki and after he gives you your change he will bid you farewell, finishing it off with “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

All the radio stations will center their talk shows on Valentine’s Day. Different Valentine day’s shows in and out of the church and since we are trying to get the romance rolling, I must perform, if not no present for me as well and that can be disastrous, as I love presents.

But the most expensive month for me has always been October as I have presents to give on the bobo’s birthday, the next day traditional wedding anniversary and the following day white wedding anniversary.

Well we moved to Lagos shortly after our wedding and I decided to go and buy something for the bobo, hmmm I do not know how people can afford to buy things at the Palms in Lekki.

A pair of male slippers was going for almost thirty thousand Naira. How can? And you know, one must buy a lot of things to make the present look palatable and presentable when the wrapping is undone.

Well just as I was still trying to get used to Lagos and its expensive prices, the Almighty Father heard my cry and moved us to Asia.

I will keep praising the good Lord for this intervention, which is testimony worthy because this change has made the relationship easier to handle, as it is less expensive and romance is now very affordable.

First of all since my bobo is a big African male it is almost impossible to find his size anywhere in Asia. Hope you are getting my drift? Now when we go to the malls, I always pretend that I want to get something for him, maybe a shirt or a trouser or maybe a pair of shoes, but guess what? We would never find his size even in the extra large section.

Smiling to myself, I would voice out my lamentations stating my obvious love for America because of the availability of all sizes big, tall, extra tall, extra big, name it you will find.

Then my lovely bobo he would go like; honey don’t worry at least it is the thought that matters. Lol. I can comfortably say that I have saved so much now that I can afford to take him out for dinner every day, as food is also very affordable. Imagine my life. This is enjoyment no be small thing.

I would leave you with a few tips when building a relationship in the continent of Asia

  1. Everything is affordable. If your husband is into the brand names, in Asia you can get it next to a dollar (if you know what I mean).
  2. If you have a big African man as your man, it is a fantastic option; I guarantee you that nothing in terms of clothing would be his size.
  3. If your husband is a creature of habit, you can join the bandwagon and eat rice and noodles till it sprouts on your head.
  4. If you live where I live then it is even better because there is nothing to do.

How easy can life be? I am definitely going to become a millionaire when I finally leave Asia. So my dear brothers and sisters, I think you should start thinking of relocating.

Like I said earlier I am forever grateful to my maker for bringing me to this continent.

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