Liz Anjorin: ‘How I became the wealthiest Nollywood actress’

Liz Anjorin: ‘How I became the wealthiest Nollywood actress’


In a recent interview, Nollywood actress Liz Anjorin is claiming to be the wealthiest actress in Nollywood.


According to Liz Anjorin in an interview with Seye Kehinde of City People magazine;

“When you see my videos, you will see how I spend the whole day dancing and recording.

It takes a lot to sell one single boubou. Dance & dance. I travel abroad myself to source for fabrics you won’t see here.”


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The actress continued:


“I also go to buy Jewellery myself.

You can’t find my collection elsewhere.

I go for very rare pieces, that you won’t find anywhere.

Even the fabrics. After buying the fabrics we still have do stoning.

Many don’t know I have a full fledge tailoring workshop. I have a staff strength of about 60 Tailors and those who do stoning for me.

I put in a lot into my business because I don’t want to depend on any man for money or existence. What many people don’t know is that men don’t give ladies like me who work free money.

How much will any man give a lady like me? My salary bill alone, monthly, is close to N1 million. So how much will a man offer me? I just wonder”.


Liz is a multiple award winner in the Yoruba industry.


She is one of the most talented personnel in this generation. Although she is somewhat controversial she has proved herself over time and her progress in the industry has been rapid.

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