Lockdown: Smile – Don’t let the situation get you down – Ella Temisan

Lockdown: Smile – Don’t let the situation get you down – Ella Temisan


I felt really sad for the first time since this lockdown began. I kept thinking about what my parents and siblings were doing for Easter; not being able to be there and how strange it was to be alone at such a time. There was not even a church activity to soften the effect of being away from my family.





I wasn’t happy about this situation occasioned by the lockdown at all.




Normally, my Easter day would have glorious morning mass ringing with Halleluyah choruses; and then some jollof rice and fried chicken with family. Well, I had the rice and chicken part, but the rest was painfully missing. I called everybody and we even exchanged pictures and videos of our Easter morning feast. However, it wasn’t the same.











Nevertheless, I remembered to be grateful for the gift of life because if there’s anything this time has taught me; it is to cherish life, family and being.



With the lockdown, I also learnt to value any sense of safety I might have enjoyed in the past.




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The recent news of robbery attacks in Lagos and some parts of Ogun State have shaken me badly. While there has been no intelligent update to those incidents as of now; I think there has to be a lesser evil that we should endure this lockdown period.









It is either we are being cut off from going out as usual; or we are fighting to keep thieves and hoodlums away from our homes.




Our security and welfare should become the highest priority at this time by the State Government. If we can stay indoors and deny ourselves of the activities, we usually enjoy; then definitely we should be able to do it safely and without any fear. We should also be assured of some care package but because this is not a comical piece; I won’t be making jokes.




Finally, whether you are on your own this lockdown period celebrating Easter, birthday or anniversaries; you have a right to be sad but don’t stay sad. Try and focus on the things that make you happy; those things that you should be grateful for.





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Let them cheer you up.



If you need a routine to manage your days better during this lockdown; I shared mine recently. You can read it to create your own. But don’t let your smile fade away. Staying sad is a slippery slope that we can’t afford to go down.










Stay safe!


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