Lori iro – Ibadan people, Hausa people are not Fulani people – Peju Akande

Lori iro – Ibadan people, Hausa people are not Fulani people – Peju Akande


Lori iro means based on lies.



It’s trending on Twitter and like most trends, it’s taken on a new meaning; though one not too far from its original meaning.



It’s been used to describe fake love, particularly during this Valentine period; it’s been used to out people who tell barefaced lie and mislead others…



We aren’t talking love today. We are talking hate, hate so despicable it chases down a neighbour; catches up with him, cuts him down with a machete or stick and burns him alive; destroy his business, his home, his family…forever.



I watched the videos of the burning tankers in Ibadan. I followed the thread on Northern killing. What is happening to us? Why are we turning against one another when we should collectively be holding our leaders accountable? We should be holding the government of Buhari accountable!




I hear you say; ‘‘But Fulanis and their cattle have been killing and maiming and destroying farmlands all over Nigeria and the military have always been called in to protect them against the owners of the land.’’


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First off; Fulanis are not Hausas. They are two distinctively different ethnic groups! And even among the Fulanis, not all of them are rouges! It’s like saying all Yorubas are meat lovers. No, some of us actually prefer fish…Oh well, not the right comparison but since we are talking about meat here…



Hear now, Ibadan people, you have killed innocent men. You have shed innocent blood. The Hausa man is your problem- lori iro ni o! (it’s a baseless lie).



People of Ibadan, some people are telling you that your greatest problem is not the poor economic choices or lack of economic policies ruining our nation which is why you remain poor. They’re telling you the Hausa man is responsible for it after all they belong to the ruling class; that the lack of security experienced throughout the length and breadth of this nation isn’t because of the government’s irresponsibility but because the Hausa man roams freely on your land. Lori iro.


Lori iro - Ibadan people, Hausa people are not Fulani people – Peju Akande




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No, Ibadan. The blame is on leaders in office now and over the years who never prioritized human lives. So, security votes and budgets were diverted to private pockets!



Another lori iro. The Hausa man is profiting from your land and thus depriving you from the full benefits of your fatherland! The politicians and internet noisemakers fuelling this theory aren’t reminding you that armed banditry and rape; maiming and killing of innocent villagers, and road users all over the nation are also prevalent in Hausa land. Whole villages are ransacked and destroyed, students are kidnapped in their campuses, road users on the Kaduna-Abuja road are constantly kidnapped and huge ransoms paid…All this is happening in Hausa land.



Yes, there are some Fulani herders who’ve been raping, kidnapping, killing and maiming hundreds of Nigerians. The government chose to keep quiet, waiting for moment like this; when gullible people like you will turn on the wrong person and blame them for your pain.



Omo Ibadan, lori iro. Go and start killing everyone of Hausa stock, burn their tankers, rape their women and destroy their homes. They are the ruling class in Nigeria and don’t deserve to live.



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The truth is, those stoking the fire of hate avoided telling you, ara Ibadan that the Hausa man is just like you. He is struggling to make ends meet. He like the Igala man, the Igbo man, the Edo man, the Calabar man; the everyday Nigerian is struggling with scarce resources, irresponsible leaders and a harsh economic climate, to make ends meet.



So, shouldn’t we all be forcing the government to bring an end to the kidnappings; the rape, the banditry plaguing the country? Shouldn’t we hold our leaders accountable for the suffering of the everyday Nigerian? Or has hunger and poverty blinded you all to the fact that no one ethnic group has a monopoly of violence?



Are you prepared for the reprisal attacks because it will come? Your yeepas and egbami o, will not save you…You better be prepared to run for your lives; your old and your young, the innocent and the guilty; people who look like Yorubas but are not Yorubas will be victims; people who didn’t even know Hausas were killed and burned in their homes will die a revenge death they didn’t take part in.



Other ethnic groups will not be spared because our foreheads don’t carry our ethic group logo.



What happened in Ibadan has been happening all over the nation in times past and because we continue to elect inept leaders into governance; we will continue to have mini-wars among ourselves.

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