STRANGERS AND LOVERS: If love is a game…

STRANGERS AND LOVERS: If love is a game…

I’ve heard an ear-full of cuck-a-boo in my time. Flirting may be a game; dating may be a game; sex may be a game; nonetheless, love is anything but a game. So when I hear people looking for true love use the expression – play your cards right, I marvel at the gut-wrenching ignorance.

The only similarity between love and ‘a game’ is that they both implore rules; or for want of a better word – guidelines. One has to know how to behave; how to communicate; how to avoid pet peeves; even how to make the other person laugh and feel their essence. All these are tools – or skills, if you will – that can be learned and put to use. It is in the cognizance of these similarities that love shares anything with a game.

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However, at the end of every game, there must be the victor and the vanquished, otherwise, it is not exactly that which has been thought from the beginning. Herein lies the difference – love seeks for a win-win outcome. It wants to cry only happy tears, it wants to live happily ever after, it DOES NOT want to have one-half happy and one-half sad, and especially, it does not want to end. And, oh, all games come to an end, by the way.


Following the thread of thought, some things begin and come to an end…like flirting, dating and sex, and you would do no wrong by calling them games. But if you would wish for magical nights and lollipop dreams that go on forever, then that’s not a game, it’s a name – and it’s called Love.

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