Love Zone: 10 things your woman wants you to do more often in bed (Part 1)

Love Zone: 10 things your woman wants you to do more often in bed (Part 1)

A lot of women have trouble voicing out what they truly want you to do to them in bed. Although many women tend to like keeping a clean reputation and being respected, sometimes getting downright dirty is exactly what they need.

Men don’t believe women to be as imaginative as them when it comes to sex and here, they are often mistaken. Often times, women don’t want to tell a man what they want because they don’t want to give off the impression that they are not being pleased or that they are loose.

You can still satisfy your woman with a small penis
You can still satisfy your woman with a small penis

It truth, women are just as much sexual beings as men. Today’s society encourages women to have a healthy sex drive, however, that doesn’t mean all women are comfortable talking about their sex lives.

On Love Zone today, we bring you 10 critical things your woman wants you to do more often in the bedroom. Every woman is different and every woman enjoys different sexual acts, but if you follow these tips religiously, you will get the best out of your woman.

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Dirty Talk

Don’t be deceived! Women love dirty talk and some men rarely give it to them. The reason women love dirty talk is simple; they are vocal and imaginative beings. Contrary to popular beliefs, women don’t want to hear sweet nothings whispered in their ears.

Rather, they want you to get downright dirty. Start with the basics and gauge her responses. Ask her what she likes, what her fantasies are and ask her what she wants you to do to her. In no time, the two of you will be comfortable talking dirty with one another.

Switch it up

Women tend to get bored easily in the bedroom and a lot of the time, they wish their men switched it up a little more. Trying new positions creates a new experience between you and your partner and it is a great way of discovering each other’s needs.

Women are afraid to bring this up to men because they don’t want their partner to think they aren’t satisfied. It’s not that they aren’t satisfied, it’s just that they are craving something new.

There are so many fun things your partner and you can do to switch it up when it comes to getting physical; you just need to take a risk and try something new. Chances are, she will be into it.

Keep the romance alive

A lot of men get comfortable at a certain stage of the relationship and their chivalrous side tends to fade out. What men need to understand is that romantic gestures turn on women whether they admit to it or not.

Every woman’s perception of romance is different. For some women, romance is a romantic candle lit dinner or a movie in a dimly lit hall or a quiet time at the beach.

For others, it could be just snuggling together in bed and telling romantic stories. Whatever your woman likes, do not forget it because you may not realize, but sometimes the pre-game is what really turns her on most, and the reward will be worth it.

Don’t only kiss her on the mouth

Yes, women like to be kissed on the mouth, but they also love being kissed all over their body. For many women, being kissed on their necks is a huge turn on; however, all women have different places that they like to be kissed.

Kissing should not be reserved solely for lips. Kiss her thighs, her neck and her stomach. Being kissed anywhere during sex is perceived as a sign of care and women like to know that the person they are sleeping with is making sure she is comfortable.

Tell her what you like

If a woman is sleeping with you, chances are she wants to please you as much as possible. Women wish men vocalized what they liked during sex so they can focus and do it more.

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Although most of the time a woman can tell what drives her man crazy, it is nice to get some reassurance from her partner. Women like to know that what they are doing is good, not only in sex but also in life.

They want the acknowledgment that they are doing the job right and as a man, you should always make her feel that she is. Telling her what you want is not something you should be afraid to do because it is something she wants you to do!

To be continued next week!

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