Love Zone: 10 things your woman wants you to do more often in bed (Part 2)

Love Zone: 10 things your woman wants you to do more often in bed (Part 2)

Men don’t believe women to be as imaginative as them when it comes to sex and here, they are often mistaken because a lot of women have trouble voicing out what they truly want you to do to them in bed.

We bring you the concluding part of this very interesting topic.

Here we go:

  1. Rough her up

Most men are brought up with the morals and values that hitting a woman is bad, which it is. However, when you are having sex with someone, those rules kind of go out of the window. A lot of women get really turned on by being roughed up a little, so guys, don’t be afraid, chances are she has been dying for you to pull her hair.

Women, whether they admit it or not, are turned on when a man takes control of her. Many women enjoy being put in their place behind closed doors, especially in the bedroom.

  1. More foreplay, please

Women love foreplay for numerous reasons. First, for a woman, foreplay is a lot of fun. They love teasing their men and almost making them beg to be inside. What a lot of men don’t realize also is that it is easier to get a girl to climax during foreplay.

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Some men tend to want to fast-forward the previews and get straight to the featured film, however, for many, the previews are the best part. Foreplay is something that should be done regardless of the amount of time you have been dating someone. Yes, a quickie is always fun, but foreplay should never be neglected.

  1. Domination

Women love being in control of every situation they are in, which is why they love being able to dominate their sexual partners. There is something extremely empowering for a woman to be able to get a man begging for them, literally.

However, domination goes both ways. Since women tend to always be in control, it is nice to sometimes have zero control. It takes a lot for a woman to let herself be fully dominated, but if you make her feel comfortable enough, chances are it could be what was missing in your love life all along!

  1. Spontaneity

There is something so hot about having unconventional sex with your partner. Relationships tend to get repetitive and something that your girl needs is a little spontaneity. Come up behind her in the kitchen while she is cooking or in the laundry room when she is folding and lay it on her.

It is important for any relationship to keep the sex fun and alive; couples often get into ruts and this is a great way of getting out of one. If you guys are really adventurous, try having sex in a public place, the thrill and excitement that you can get caught at any minute is sure to spice things up for the two of you.

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  1. Return the favour, always

Let’s be real here; women spend half of their relationship in between your legs and most guys don’t realize that they want you to return the favour. Oral sex is great for both men and women, but often times, women get nervous asking for it.

Men rarely have to ask for it because women just automatically go there, but for a lot of men, they don’t think of instantly doing the same. Men don’t realize that often times if they don’t go down on you, the woman thinks it is something wrong with them. So men, just return the favor, trust me you will only be rewarded in the end.

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