Love Zone: 9 Types Of Sex Your Woman Would Love

Love Zone: 9 Types Of Sex Your Woman Would Love

Sex is meant to be enjoyed by couples but we dare say that some men, especially in these parts, are not concerned about their women’s sexual satisfaction.
For most men, sex, to them, is all about getting an erection and jumping on the long-suffering woman and once they are done, they tune off, even when the woman is yet to get into second gear.
Enjoying a healthy sex life is one of the great joys in life just as knowing how to bond intimately could be a boon for your long-term health as well makes it that much more pleasurable.
In whatever relationship you are in, you must never let sex become a mere, boring routine. Making her love and want sex everytime is easier than you think; you just have to add different styles of lovemaking to your repertoire, and have your woman willing to go the distance.

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Love Zone brings you the steps to making your woman proud of you at all times.
1. Seductive Sex
Chances are that your first few sexual encounters with your woman will revolve around seduction. In other words, you’re going to do your best to charm her into your bed. At this time, you become the Prince Charming, undertaking certain things you normally would not do for a woman.
To make love to her seductively, look deep into her eyes and sensualize the conversation in order to seduce her mind and get the sexual energy between you flowing.
Once you have her eating out of the palms of your hands, take her in your arms and kiss her sensually. Lead her into the bedroom and slowly undress her.
Lay her down and make love to her while keeping eye contact. Maintain a constant, steady pace and refrain from using too many sound effects. This type of set-up is also good for when you’ve been together for a while and want to feel like the stud that you are, and want to remind her of that too.
2. Romantic Sex
This type of sex is good for when you’re both relaxed and not pressed for time, such as during a weekend getaway or locked up in your room all day. It is the time to enjoy the fact that neither of you has anything to do but enjoy each other’s bodies.
Here’s your chance to give her what she wants: a romantic setting and seemingly endless foreplay, caressing all of her erogenous zones, including her thighs, butt, back, neck, soles of her feet, and breasts.

The ensuing sex should be slow and rhythmic, and allows both parties to enjoy every sensation to its fullest. Basically, it should feel like it’s going in slow motion.
3. Spontaneous Sex
Remember this: women love to feel sexually wanted and desired by their partners, and nothing says desire like spur-of-the-moment sex anywhere in the house. This can be in the kitchen, the bathroom, on the stairs, on the dinner table – just anywhere.
Unplanned and spontaneous love-making increases the lust factor by showing your partner that your attraction for her trumps everything else.
Turn her on by telling her you need to have her right there and then, no matter the time or the place. And depending on where you decide to drop your trousers and get busy, the possibility of getting caught can also bring added excitement.
4. Passionate Sex
Perhaps you were away on business and haven’t been home for weeks, or maybe you had a huge fight and need to make up; the point is, you’re burning with desire and you want to devour each other.
The resulting sex should be intense and deeply felt. Hold on to her body and make love to her like she’s all the woman you could ever want or need.
5. Sensual Sex
This is the type of sex that most men already assume women want. You know, the candle lights, a relaxing bubble bath, red wine, full body massage, soft mood music playing in the background – the stuff we see in well-scripted movies.

However, you can achieve the most sensual sex without having all the paraphernalia attached to it. Just start by clearing both your schedules, set a sexy environment, and let her know you’ve got all night to focus on her pleasure. Shut off your cell phones, turn off the TV, and anything else that will distract you from reaching new levels of intimacy with your lady.
Remember that foreplay is the bread and butter when engaging in a night of sensual sex. So take your time, go slowly, and explore all of the erogenous zones on her body that so often go neglected in the bedroom. Be passionate and engaged and don’t be afraid to tease her a little – trust me, she’ll love it.

6. Quickie Sex
This one is great if you are pressed for time, stressed out, or in an unusual location that you really shouldn’t be having sex in, such as in your office, or on a somewhat secluded beach.
This one is quick and to the point; you want an orgasm and you want it now, as long as you and your woman have compatible sex drives and a sense of adventure when it comes to your sexual escapades.
You should be able to lead a mutually fulfilling sex life and prevent the flame from dying. Just remember to switch it up and spice it up.
7. Animal Sex
Other times, you are just so hot for each other that prolonging foreplay just seems like agony, like when you’re at a club and get incredibly turned on, but have to wait until you get home. Once you unlock that front door, it’s time for animalistic sex.
Grab her and kiss her hard, and rip each other’s clothes off; it doesn’t even matter if some of them stay on. Go ahead and do it doggy style on the living room floor, or prop her up on the kitchen counter if you so desire. Do it fast and hard. Grab her hair by the roots, yell if you feel like it; just be sure to check your inhibitions at the door.
8. Rough Sex
Most women, every now and then, want to be sexually dominated by their partner. For them, they often feel the need to roughened up a bit, taken with a ravishing brutality. Some women even fantasize about this but because of the society we live in, they are afraid to let it out.

So engaging in a little power play can be a fun and exhilarating way to explore kink in the bedroom. First and foremost, make sure she wants to play rough or she could scream rape. While you are at it, pulling her hair, a little spanking now and then and the hard and furious piston-like pumping will do the trick.
Revel in the pure lust this type of sex is driven by, indulge in the animalistic passion and go ahead… get a little loud.
9. Oral Sex
If sex is like pizza, then oral sex is like ice cream: super satisfying when it’s right, but a wet, disappointing mess when served poorly. And believe it or not, according to recent studies, some men are still not going down on their partners as much as women would like.
Even if you are one of those wonderful guys that goes down on a regular basis, how do you know you’re doing it right? Are you using it as just a warmup for intercourse, or are you really taking your time to be the best you can be down under?
Pick a position that’s comfortable for both of you and set up camp – rushing this process is one of the biggest mistakes that men make in bed. Take your time to give attention to all of her sensitive areas surrounding the clitoris and spend time there.

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When you finally do make contact with the clitoris, go slowly, build anticipation and pay attention to how she responds. Experiment with different pressure and patterns, and don’t be afraid to use your hands to amplify her experience.
Oral sex is all about investing time and effort into just one thing: your partner’s pleasure. Show her you appreciate her and care about her orgasm just as much as your own. Every once in a while, it’s even nice to make oral sex the ONLY thing on the bedroom menu.

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