Love Zone: Don’t get it twisted: Sex is very important for men

Love Zone: Don’t get it twisted: Sex is very important for men

While most women let emotional connection take precedence over a physical connection, for a man, sex is one of the many ways he shows love.

Contrary to the popular belief that attributes men’s hunger for sex as selfish, men look at sex as a path to reach mutual satisfaction, render pleasure, thrill their partners and improve as a lover.

However, the straight and crisp answer to ‘how important is sex for a man?’ is that sex is one of the most crucial reasons why men want to be in a relationship in the first place.

It may sound shallow but men are wired in a way that sex or the prospect of sex makes them attracted to a woman. Love comes into the picture well after the attraction episode.

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You might wonder why it is that men care so much about sex. Or why is sex important to men? Women have wondered for years why this always proves to be one of the most important aspects of any relationship.

Though sex matters to women at first, when they get comfortable in a relationship or when there are other things going on in the dynamic, then sex is often the first thing to go.

This will NEVER happen for a man, and there are deeper reasons to this than you might expect. There is a multitude of reasons why sex is so important to men, and why it always will be.

Men need to have sex in a relationship because it shows strength

Women need the romance, the passion, and the chemistry to tell her that the love is alive and going well

To understand the importance of sex in a relationship, you have to look at this from a male point of view, and that may be hard at times.

Women need to be loved and cherished, and this is often through verbal signs of affection. Men, on the other hand, are very straightforward and almost primal in their needs. They need to have sex in a relationship because it shows strength and unity.

A black couple in their underwear in hot romantic mood

Though sex may be just another chore for women, this will never be the case for men because men need sex. This is how men see that the relationship is alive and strong, and when that is missing, he starts to panic. He needs sex to ensure that you are happy together and that you are both getting what you need out of the relationship with one another.

Why is sex so important to men?

The answer perhaps lies in the fact that sex matters to men in any relationship, and now you can understand exactly why that is, understanding the importance of sex can really ensure that you keep this as a priority to show him that you love him and care about your relationship!

Here’s why sex is so important to men

Sex is the way men connect

If you want to know how men think about sex in a relationship, then think of it as the one thing that keeps you connected.

No matter what else is going on or how far apart you may feel at times, sex is what unites you. It shows him that you make him a priority and that you will always care about how he feels.

Yes, it really is that important to him and so when he sees that you are making sex in a relationship a priority, he will stay committed to you and know that you feel the same way about him. He needs this connection, for it is less about just physical intimacy and more about staying strong as a couple in a way that he really understands and appreciates. This is why sex is so important to men.

Sex is a way to stay close

Even if you have a fight, you may use sex to reiterate that connection. In his mind, you are showing that you are close to one another when you are physical with one another.

Importance of sex in a relationship is paramount because it is a pathway to build an emotional intimacy too. This is your connection, this is your bond, and this is how you show that you love each other.

The importance of sex cannot be undermined if you are looking at creating a lasting bond with your partner and enhance the happiness in your relationship.

Sure, words are nice, but this very physical act helps him to see that things are good and that you are happy with one another.

He needs that reassurance, and he needs to have sex in a relationship to show that you are a well-aligned couple.

When the sex is good and is present, then he can move forward knowing that he has a partner and that makes him happy. That should answer the question, ‘why is sex so important to men?’

Sex is a way to stay close to your partner

Sex in a relationship means that this is how you unite, even when everything else is stressful or you have a disagreement.

You, as a woman, may not understand it but if sex isn’t present, then he’s immediately concerned and knows that something is wrong. It helps him to see that everything is really okay and that he can look at you as a partner in the long term.

Black sensual couple
Black sensual couple

Sex is a way to unite

The male ego is often tied to sex. A man’s ego can be very fragile but the importance of sex in a relationship cannot be underlined enough as being able to sexually satisfy their spouse greatly panders to a man’s ego.

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Why sex is important is because most often, sex is tied to his ego since that is what motivates him, keeps him going.

It is so important for him to please his woman and if she dismisses bedroom problems constantly, then he may take it very personally. If you have intimacy issues, talk about it (in a manner that won’t hurt his ego) with him. Men do appreciate honesty as well.

Men want women to make sex a priority

Sure, in a marriage, there could be loads of other important tasks and decisions to be made on a daily basis. But, for the health and longevity of the relationship, sex must always be prioritized.

Why men need sex? Sex brings with it a plethora of health benefits. And if you consciously do that by scheduling sex, think of the other benefits that will enhance a man’s overall well-being: sex alleviates anxiety and stress, reduces blood pressure, promotes healing and bonding.

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