LPPC admits making error in SAN list

LPPC admits making error in SAN list

The Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee (LPPC) has revealed that it made an error in the list of Senior Advocates of Nigeria appointees released on Thursday.


The LPPC made this known in a statement on Friday, October 22, 2021.


This was disclosed by LPPC Secretary and acting Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court, Hajjo Bello. Specifically, Bello revealed that the SAN list contained a name that was not properly identified. He revealed that actual appointee is “Osaka, Benjamin Nwora”. However, he noted that the list had the same person identified as “Nworka Chidi Benjamin’’.


“In the press release issued by this office yesterday, October 21, 2021; announcing the list of successful applicants for the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria; Nworka, Chidi Benjamin, Esq, listed as No. 43 was mistakenly included on the list of advocate appointees.


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 “The actual successful applicant that ought to be on the said list is Osaka, Benjamin Nwora, Esq.


“The mix-up is highly regretted and we apologize to all persons affected by it.”


Equally important, the LPPC disclosed that the error has since been corrected. Further, it added that a revised list has now been made available. Significantly, Bello noted that on the new list, SAN appointees are now listed in order of seniority.


Osaka Benjamin Nwora is now listed as number 21 on the new list after occupying number 43 on the previous list.

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