Lucy, Erica go hard on each other over KiddWaya

Lucy, Erica go hard on each other over KiddWaya

Lucy and the current Head of the House, Erica engaged in a shouting contest on Tuesday night.


The pair got into a heated argument after Lucy made a comment that implied Kiddwaya controlled his and Erica’s narrative despite Erica being head of house.

While Lucy revealed it was a lighthearted comment, an enraged Erica dared Lucy to speak to her directly.


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See the moment below.


On Sunday night, an argument ensued between Lucy and another housemate, Nengi.


Lucy also blasted Nengi’s IQ level, saying even in school she focused on men and not her education.


Unfortunately, Head of House at the time, Ozo got trapped in the crossfire between the ladies; and their heated argument about age, natural and unnatural bodies, intellectual prowess among other fine points.


Nengi and Ozo


The brief drama ended with the Head of House declaring a state of emergency with the trouble mongers in attendance.


A few minutes after, Nengi declared Ozo was too peaceful for her liking. Further, she stated she had no plans to be in a relationship with him until she becomes single.


She stated that Ozo does not possess the qualities of the man that she desires or would love to be with. She said that the 27-year-old Economics graduate, Ozo is too peaceful which is against her preference.


Ozo had a disappointing look on his face after Nengi made the revelation.


Both housemates were tipped to be the power couple of the competition, however, they are yet to become a formidable unit.

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