Lyme disease: British billionaire, John Caudwell, extends support to Justin Bieber

Lyme disease: British billionaire, John Caudwell, extends support to Justin Bieber

Billionaire John Caudwell has offered his support to pop star Justin Bieber over the recent Lyme disease diagnosis; describing the condition as “heart breaking” for those afflicted.

Bieber confirmed diagnosis of the ailment in an Instagram post on Thursday. He claimed that his skin complaints that had led to speculation over “meth” drug use was Lyme disease; combined with “chronic mono” that “affected my skin, brain function, energy, and overall health.”

Lyme disease is an infection spread by tick bites that attacks the nerves, brain, heart, joints and eyes; and can also cause severe skin rashes. The disease is a bacterial infection passed on through the bite of an infected tick found in rural areas of Europe and the U.S. Early signs often include a red rash around the area of the bite with flu-like symptoms and tiredness.

Lyme disease is a serious ailment, and without prompt antibiotic treatment, permanent joint and nerve damage is likely.

Businessman John Caudwell, who along with his family was shocked to be diagnosed with it in 2014; describing the illness as “nasty” and “worse than demoralising …. incredibly debilitating.”

Lyme disease

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Caudwell shares coping tips with Justin Bieber, other sufferers

On what fellow sufferers like Bieber will experience, he says, “[those afflicted] appear perfectly fine. But inside they’re absolutely screaming—mentally and physically screaming–and going through hell. The stories I’ve come across since campaigning [around] lyme disease are absolutely heart breaking and sometimes whole families are suffering the most atrocious symptoms.”

Equally important, the British Medical Journal recently described lyme as the fastest-spreading vector-borne disease in Europe; yet it is one of the most under-researched illnesses in the western world.

Meanwhile, Caudwell says that he has “tremendous empathy” for Bieber and all the Lyme sufferers around the world, adding; “I know how destructive it can be. [But] concentrate on your diet. Don’t rely on the medical profession–they don’t have an immediate cure–[and] look at everything you can do to build up your immune system.”



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