Madonna berates acrimony in the world with new album ‘Madame X’

Madonna berates acrimony in the world with new album ‘Madame X’

Popular American pops  Madonna has released a new album titled ‘Madame X’. The songs on the album are themed around acrimonious and nefarious events ongoing in the world.


Gun control, poverty and the marginalised aside, Madonna’s new album “Madame X” sees the Queen of Pop wanting to “fight back” in what she sees as a frightening modern world.


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Madonna also said she was horrified by moves to restrict LGTBQ and women’s rights, namely in her native United States.


“If you’re talking about the far right and the rights that are being taken away from, say the LGBTQ community or women’s rights … obviously, I am traumatised and horrified,” Madonna said.


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A longtime campaigner for the LGTBQ community and known for her charity work in Malawi, Madonna, 60, said she would keep fighting for those causes.


“There’s still an enormous amount of poverty in Malawi and the rate of HIV has gone down considerably but it’s not disappeared,” she said.


There are all the problems that are recurring in America because of new legislation so I am going to have to keep fighting for the same things.”


On her 14th studio album, Madonna addresses U.S. gun control laws and uses a snippet of a speech by school shooting survivor, Emma Gonzalez, in the rousing single “I Rise”, a song she says aims to give a voice to marginalized people.


“Dark Ballet”, a piano ballad infused with electronic pop, was inspired by Joan of Arc and references a world “up in flames”, while in “Killers Who Are Partying” she sings about the poor, exploited children as well as a woman raped.


“It’s pretty frightening, yes, it’s pretty scary … There is stuff going on everywhere in the world,” she said when asked how she felt about the state of the world.

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