Magun: Kenyan man gets stuck while having sex with married woman (Video)

Magun: Kenyan man gets stuck while having sex with married woman (Video)

A man in Kenya got what he did not bargain for when he got stuck inside a married woman he was having illicit sex with, in what can be described in local parlance as a clear case of Magun, the voodoo placed on adulterous wives by jealous husbands.

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According to a Facebook user, Karani Tonny who posted a video of the incident on his wall, the man who is equally married, was having a nice time with the woman inside a dingy hotel and when they were done, he could not pull out of her.

The adulterous couple reportedly the raised an alarm, alerting the management of the hotel who rushed into the room to see what the problem was and were confronted with the ugly sight.

In the video, the couple were seen writhing in pain while a native doctor who was called in by the hotel management is also seen performing a ritual for the couple who were covered up with a blanket to be free again.

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Tonny who posted the video gave a warning thus:

“Ladies n gentlemen, let’s change our attitude. Yenye imefanyika mbale. It’s only God who knows awasame.”

Watch the video here:

Ladies n gentlemen lets change our attitude yenye imefanyika mbale it's only God knows n awasame

Posted by Karani Tonny on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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