Man allegedly pleads with lady to be his “God”

Man allegedly pleads with lady to be his “God”


A screenshot of a conversation between a lady and a man identified as her admirer has surfaced on social media. In the body of the chat, the admirer wants the lady to be his God.


The screenshots of the chat allegedly exchanged between a man and woman is trending on Twitter. This was because of how unusual the messages are.


In the screenshots, the man is seen wooing the woman in an unusual way.


He asked for her permission to worship her and indicated interest in taking her as his God. He went on to suggest that he believes she should “be God and religion”.


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From the woman’s response, it’s obvious she initially thought he was joking but it soon became clear to her that he meant what he was saying.


See the messages below.



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In other news, a Nigerian lady took to her social media platform to allege that her boyfriend is engaging in a sexual affair with his cousin.


Her post has since raised eyebrows across all the social media platforms.


It appears that several Nigerian youths have been engaging in incest secretly with several cases coming out every day.


This lady has come out to insinuate that her boyfriend might be having sex with his cousin.


She is scared of confronting him as she continues to live in fear.

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