Man drags actress to court for refusing to marry him after spending N396,000

Man drags actress to court for refusing to marry him after spending N396,000

A man identified as Bala Musa, on Monday, dragged a popular Kannywood actress, Hadiza Gabon, before a Shari’a Court in Kaduna for refusing to marry him.


The man, a 48-year-old civil servant, revealed she reneged on marrying him after he had spent so much on her.


Specifically, he told the court that he had been in a relationship with the actress and she promised to marry him.


“So far I have spent N396,000 on her. Anytime she asks for money, I give her without hesitation with the hope that we will marry. She also failed to show up in Gusau, Zamfara where I live after I made all arrangements to host her,” he said.


The case was first heard on May 23 but the defendant was not in court after being served.


However, the actress who was represented by her counsel, Mr. Mubarak Kabir explained that his client was not sure of the authenticity of the court summons.


‘‘My client’s position as a celebrity attracts different kinds of people with different intentions,’’ he said.


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Meanwhile, a former pastor of Winners Chapel has dumped the church to take up a new vocation as a native doctor.


The man, identified as Yinka Oyewusi, disclosed the reasons behind his decision in a Facebook post on Thursday, June 2, 2022.


Oyewusi revealed that he had been a fervent Christian before he received a calling to become a native doctor. Thereafter, the ex-Winners Chapel pastor stated that he had to take up the calling; adding that failure to do so may have resulted in disastrous consequences.


His lengthy post on Facebook has astounded many and 1st News hereby reproduces same here.


‘‘In my formative years, we were three fiery brothers practising Christianity in Iwo town — two of us very poor; but with strange will to survive. After secondary education and with nothing to live for, first among us was a talented beggar.


‘‘As the second guy, my mother is late, and my father’s whereabout was unknown. So, the first guy and I were living in one of the three houses I knew belonged to the father of the 3rd guy, but the father didn’t care about the 3rd guy, though. The first guy is a genius in gathering monies through request for “urgent 2k” — we lived on this for years.


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‘‘Miraculously, I and the 3rd guy obtained degrees in science and administration respectively; the first guy obtained a degree in theology and became the chaplain of a university Chapel.


‘‘But those days as a fiery Christian, I lost 40% of my hearing. The last time I visited the first guy of a chaplain, he needed me to source urgent 5k for him. Just this morning, the 3rd guy called me that he has bone fractures and is receiving treatment at the Ogbomosho general hospital. He needs money at least for feeding, but none is forthcoming.


‘‘Let me add that the first guy is in Baptist, I was in Winners Chapel while the 3rd guy is a Mountain of Fire adherent.


Then I joined the ministry in Winners Chapel. Oratory is still my best physical gift — those in Winners Chapel Adeeke, Iwo in 2005 will remember me by the name Yinka. I had studied the scriptures from “paali to paali”; prayer sessions I handled those days looked like wartime events.”

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