Man Escapes Being Used for Sacrifice

Man Escapes Being Used for Sacrifice

A Nigerian man shared his experiences with his friend about how he was almost used for sacrifice by a lady that he invited to his house.

It is prevalent to see jocular events occur on the internet, most can be shocking and exhilarating while others can question your sanity. This man just escaped the hands of death after the lady he met brought out a nylon that has a bead inside to his house.

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After they had intercourse, the lady went to the bathroom and brought out a bead and wanted to perform some fetish practices in the bathroom. Unknown to her, the man was peeping through the door hole, before the lady could continue with her intentions the man opened the door and burnt the nylon to avoid stories that can lead to unforeseen circumstances.

Read the chat he had with his friend below:


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It is advisable to be careful and avoid compromising situations that could jeopardize the growth and progress of a person. This man basically survived any forthcoming complexity because he was fortunate enough to have gone through the lady’s bag and noticed the black nylon in time, we hope he learns from this oddity.

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