Man removes testicles to avoid temptation of immorality

Man removes testicles to avoid temptation of immorality

A man, identified as 44-year-old Terhemen Anongo, has removed his two testicles in order to avoid the temptation of falling into sin.

The man, who almost died after he removed the first testicle, is a resident of Gboko in Benue State.

In March 2021, Anongo had removed one of his testicles but recently decided to remove the second one. In a chat with newsmen on Sunday, he disclosed that his decision was motivated by his religious belief.

“Yes, I went to remove the second testicle based on religious belief.

“I removed it on Monday. The first one had little hitches. But this one having learnt from that experience, I did it very well. Somebody is always coming to dress it for me.”

Responding to concerns posed over his health by the crude procedure, the man allayed fears.

“I am fine. There is no problem. I am only waiting for when the wound will be healed so I can remove the stitches,” he said.

1st News reports that at the time Anongo removed the first testicle in March 2021; he had told reporters that his action was in order to control his sexual urge as he wasn’t married. He had equally referenced his religious belief.

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Back then, he had revealed that the fact that he was unmarried meant he had to contend with sexual temptation; even as he held that he was not ready to compromise on his beliefs.

“You know how the issue of sexual urge torments one when you don’t have a wife, coupled with your religious belief. I am someone deeply involved in religion and I read about Origen Adamantius, one of the early church leaders from Egypt, who paid to be castrated so that he would not be bothered by sexual urge.

“It was in an attempt to do the same thing that I removed my right testicle. But there was a heavy flow of blood, so I abandoned it and rushed to hospital,’’ he stated.

1st News reports that the man, who is a wheelbarrow pusher, may be medically unable to get a woman pregnant.

According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM), men who have had both testicles removed are no longer able to produce sperm, so they cannot have biological children. Further, the ISSM states that the testicles (also called the testes) are a pair of male reproductive organs located in the scrotum that produce sperm cells and testosterone; the primary male sex hormone and anabolic steroid which contributes to a man’s libido and helps with erections.

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Noting that a man’s sexual function after testicle removal depends on whether one or both testicles are removed, the ISSM adds that if only one testicle is removed, sexual function usually isn’t affected.

The testicle that remains usually produces enough testosterone and sperm so that a man can preserve his sexual function and his fertility but submits that if both testicles are removed, the situation is different. Without both testicles, a man’s body is unable to produce testosterone. Amongst other general symptoms, he might become less interested in sex and might experience erection difficulties. These men will need testosterone replacement therapy.

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