Man Storms Bank With Mattress in Protest (Video)

Man Storms Bank With Mattress in Protest (Video)

A Ghanaian man stormed the premises of the bank where his account is domiciled on Wednesday in Accra with his mattress and other personal effects to protest his inability to withdraw from his account.

In the video shared by Adomonline on Youtube, the visibly angry man was seen arriving in a taxi, before removing his personal effects and taking them into the banking hall.

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He was seen spreading his mattress on the floor in the banking hall, adding his pillow and lying down on it. After a while, he stood up and placed his shoes on the counter. He then proceeded to lie on his mattress.

His actions were caused by the inability of the banking system to attend to him after multiple attempts to withdraw was met with the response “the service is down”.

Watch the video below:

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