Man who quit his job to start cannabis business narrates his breakthrough story

Man who quit his job to start cannabis business narrates his breakthrough story

An American man who quit his regular job to start a cannabis business has taken to the social media platform, Twitter to narrate how his life has changed immensely.


According to the Twitter user, Colin Landforce, he quit his job to commence a cannabis business with his friends. An idea that he spearheaded.


Read his narrative:

5 years ago I left my job to start selling weed with some guys I grew up with.
Our first year we sold $1.2M to dispensaries a pound at a time. This year we’ll do $70M in CPGs. Millions of jars, joints, gummies, cookies, carts.
Here’s what we did:”
He continued;
“2016, pre-recreational canna in OR You could grow and have a dispensary- but no framework to distribute So we stacked medical cards.
This gave us a grey area to carry weight.
We knew if we had network of stores, we could sell in anything.
Flower is how we built the channel.
Up til this point, I had spent most of my career building client’s consumer brands, it was time to get busy.
We started with prerolls because they’re such a crap shoot. Half the joints you buy are un-useable.
We did rigorous R&D and launched the perfect preroll: STICKS.”

The post reads further;

“By 2017 we had a fleet and needed a bigger boat.
We scaled up manufacturing, and “the flood” crushed the market.
Every October, every outdoor farm in the state pulls down fields of weed at the same time.
The business was 80% flower at this point, and prices halved overnight.”
The Cannabis connoisseur in the latter part 9f the thread narrated the down spiral aspect of the business.
He revealed how himself and members of the team had to lay staff off because they were unable to pay their  bills.

The American man continued his business story;

“We lost $500k in Q4 of 2017.
We laid off people, we couldn’t pay our bills.
It was the hardest 6 mos of my life. I drove to work everyday visualizing spring time and telling myself I was built for this shit.
I’m built for this shit.
The obstacle is the way.”
He went on to reveal how the business was able to attain prominence after experiencing a major setback in 2017.
He continued;
More brands, more lines, more life. We launched Cabana, a premium preroll, and Beaucoup, a candy line.
We shifted from branding around categories (preroll, edible) to branding around shelves. STICKS = Value Cabana = Premium Beaucoup – still just candy lol We’re doing CPG now.”
In his concluding paragraph, he revealed that his company is back on top and they are hugely successful.

The man wrote;

“We did it though. Korova, STICKS and Cabana in stores up and down the west coast. Manufacturing facilities in OR and CA. Distro hubs in Portland, Oakland, and LA.
Booming retail in Socal.
Licensees in Oklahoma and Arizona.
We finished 2020 north of $40M in revenues.”

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