“Marriage Is not the goal of Life”- Toolz

“Marriage Is not the goal of Life”- Toolz

Beautiful and curvy On Air Personality, Tolu Oniru-Demuren took to her Instagram account and shared her perception about marriage amidst the urgency that is occurring in our society.

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She warned single people that the primary objective ought to be love, happiness and peacefulness is the primary purpose of marriage not a compulsion to be a relationship with someone that would make your life tedious.

She posted:

“Imagine letting people rush you into marriage…only to end up miserable with the wrong person….and then the people that pressured/rushed you leave you to deal with your mess?? Don’t let anyone rush you…. ❤”


It is prevalent in the African culture for women to be forced into unhealthy marriages because they are considered to be the jewel of the family and at least by the age of 25 they should bring home a partner.

Although marriage is essential nonetheless it could be dangerous when you do not get connected with your partner temperamentally, psychologically and both partners cannot disagree to agree on a common ground. Toolz advice came in handy and I hope her followers are able to understand and yield to her words of wisdom. Rather than focusing on marriage it is vital to build dreams and endeavor to attain our aspirations.

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