Mary J Blige, 50, poses nude in new sultry photos

Mary J Blige, 50,  poses nude in new sultry photos

At the age of 50, Mary J Blige is still snatching our edges; and this time, she’s doing it in her birthday suit. This weekend, the recipient of nine Grammy Awards, four American Music Awards, and twelve Billboard Music Awards took to the beach for a friendly frolic that resulted in Instagram’s latest buzz.

The Queen of Hip Hop and R&B had her melanin on full display during a photo shoot with famed photographer, Robert Ector. Styled by her longtime friend Misa Hylton, Blige was draped in jewels around her neck, and down her waistline.

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Singer Mary J. Blige, 50, ?poses nude in new sultry photosSinger Mary J. Blige, 50, ?poses nude in new sultry photos

“If it wasn’t for these pictures they wouldn’t see me at all – Jay Z,” she captioned her photo.

In another photo, the singer shared another Jay-Z quote.

“Whole world’s in awe. I crash through glass ceilings, I break through closed doors – Jay Z.”

There is absolutely no doubt that Mary gets better with age. Like most women of her generation, she proves that the 50+ age group is more in touch with their sexiness than ever before. If it’s not Toni Braxton flexing in a thong bikini, it’s Angela Bassett showing off her toned physique on the red carpet.

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