MaskKing unveils record label to promote Afrobeats

MaskKing unveils record label to promote Afrobeats

Nigerian recording artiste, MaskKing has announced the establishment of his record label, GENG GENG LORD.


The Afro-Renaissance artiste, Maskking real name Prince Richards, says he remains committed to Afrobeat with the establishment of GENG GENG LORD, a label to retain global attention to the Afrobeat genre.


MaskKing, who described the duo as his mentors noted that the recent Grammy awards by young Nigerians were a result of the foundations laid by the founding fathers of Afrobeat.


Here is what he said during an interview;

“My mentors include Fela Kuti and Lagbaja.

I have always shown that affinity from the start.

This is because of my passion for positive change; and social reawakening through a new mental consciousness.

“Things won’t work with the present way of doing things in Nigeria; so, we have to redouble efforts and come up with a platform that aligns the current trends like Fela would say ‘na craze world’.”



He continued;

“Fela is an inspiration to countless people across the globe; because he had an awoken mental consciousness, and clairvoyance.

“Truth is golden and Fela represents that, from his lyrics to the expression of his music.

So, this label will be building on these legacies.

“Likewise Lagbaja, who also preached the-same mental de-enslavement philosophy to his audience; Lagbaja is best underlined by his words, ‘I represent the faceless and disenfranchised.


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“I refer to both Fela and Lagbaja as preachers that the Nigerian society needs more than ever before.


“I am coming to deepen and diversify the Afrobeat narrative; by reintroducing the art history of Afrobeat. This genre will lose its taste without history.

“Afrobeat is meant not only to entertain with its rhythm; but also educate by conscientiously awakening your  mental power to change your environment and circumstance, this is my aim in this new label,” Richards said.


He said that a lot was happening in the entertainment industry; and his style and blend of music offered by the Geng Geng Lord brand would add flavour to his Afro spice.


Every season awaits a king to ignite a new feel, a new vibe, that is why I am known in entertainment circles as Uptown the MaskKing; the Geng Geng Lord is here.

Lightening up the clouds with this unique genre of music filled with rhythm, dance and vibe.

“For these reasons; afrobeat enthusiasts and fans alike crowned me the King of Vibe and Expression.

“The MaskKing is bringing back the lost Afrobeat vibe; reigniting new passion and expression for our music, and the aim is to make it part of ongoing history and keep the rhythms of the sound from fading,” he said.


He said that his inspirations for his albums were also drawn from the everyday happenings on the streets.



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