Matawalle orders house-to-house search to root out criminals

Matawalle orders house-to-house search to root out criminals

Governor of Zamfara, Bello Matawalle, has ordered the Task Force on Security to conduct house-to-house searches across the 19 emirates of the state to flush out criminal elements.

Matawalle issued the directive to the residents of Zamfara in a broadcast in the early hours of Tuesday in Gusau.

Prior to the broadcast, there was an extended Security Council meeting that lasted more than eight hours. Also, the Governor stated that the action was taken as part of an attempt to maintain calm and restore law and order in the state.

Furthermore, he advised the emirs present at the council meeting to exercise caution; and alert security personnel to any unusual activity or suspicious people in their territories.

Matawalle also issued restrictions on motorcycle mobility in the areas near Gusau, from 9PM till dawn.

Any motorbike rider who disobeyed the order and refused to stop at security checkpoints within the impacted zones was to be shot at sight; according to his directive to the security services.

He claims that the action was taken in response to reports that bandits and other criminals were using motorcycles in the state capital and its surroundings to carry out their illegal activities.

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The governor also instructed hotel owners to check each guest’s identification before allowing them to stay.

“This measure idols part of government’s efforts to tackle insecurity in the state. Government is concerned over usage of hotels by terrorists and criminals to perpetrate their heinous activities in the state.

“Any hotelier found violating the new order will have his hotel shut down and face prosecution according to the law.

“The government would not take it lightly with anyone found disturbing the peace and security of the people,” he added.

Matawalle said the government was committed to protecting lives and property of the people.

“Security of lives and property of the citizenry is a basic function of government anywhere.

 “My government is doing everything humanly possible; which is in accordance with the laws of the land to ensure the discharge of this responsibility,” he said.

The council also ordered security personnel, particularly the military and police, to increase their efforts in the state’s fight against banditry and other illegal activity.

The council also acknowledged that the state was progressively returning to calm; but it gave the security personnel a responsibility to work in harmony; to combat pockets of banditry and kidnapping in various areas of the state.

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