Matt Hancock: Viral Guinness pint was actually photoshopped

Matt Hancock: Viral Guinness pint was actually photoshopped



Matt Hancock is no stranger to being the butt of social media jokes, but this time when he was turned into a meme it really wasn’t his fault.


A photo of the Health Secretary enjoying what appeared to be the worst pulled pint of Guinness ever has sent Twitter into a frenzy.


However, hours after the snap first appeared, its poster revealed all was not as it seemed.


Richard Smith shared the image on Friday with the caption: “State of Matt Hancock’s Guinness ffs.”


The picture showed Hancock cheersing Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen during a trip to Middlesbrough pub.


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Matt Hancock’s viral Guinness pint was actually photoshopped



But rather than sip on a smooth glass of Guinness; his beer appeared to be a frothy mess of all head and no body.


Smith’s post racked up more than 2,800 likes and 180 retweets; as users shared their horror (and delight) at the seemingly disasterous brew.


But in a separate message, the original mastermind behind the pic confirmed that Hancock hadn’t been duped into drinking a sub-standard beer.


Smith posted the following short clip, showing how he’d photoshopped the monstrous beverage into the minister’s hand.


Let it be a lesson to us all: don’t believe everything you see on social media.

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